History, glory and gems

You go through traumatic days; and you wonder why the things go as they are going. You loose one precious gem and in desperational calls to fill that vacuum; suddenly you realise, you have created another gem. Then you see the jealousy and you wonder is it worth that. Days of confusion wrap you in unprecedented era of thoughts and you begin questioning yourself.

You question yourself and fight with your own history and existence. Your history stops you from marching ahead because that is not a glorious one. But suddenly rises the Titan in you and orders you to write your own glory. Of course, some people inherit it but then some one was reason for their pomp. Your Titan says cowards are part of history and brave creates it. Rather strange, but true.

And the things you lose, for the reason that you haven't had pompous history; they will be compensated with honour and esteem. Sometimes, the path in front of you is hazy and you are left with dilemma of decision. May be that path leads you to nirvana, or may be you are left all alone once again. Then you curse the moment when you come close to that path, so much so that you developed addiction to it. Addiction; most of the time has negative influence and clinging to this thought gives the glimpses of your decision.

Many people advocate the power of time and admire its decision making abilities. Most certainly, time is infinite in all respect; anyone who defies its vastness, strength, power shrinks to ground. We have many examples with us. Every mighty empire witnesses its end after its time. But sometime, you have to sneak past it to prepare for your future, just to add longevity to your life. As far as your heart is concerned, someone affirmed yesterday the philosophy of 3 idiots. You need to solace your heart that "Aal is well" and our heart believes it like a 5 year old child believes whatever anyone says to him without any logic as our doesn't have its own mind for the required skill of reasoning to defy our words.

Later you may feel that you chose a wrong path but that is so because then you are in comfortable situation. And often, you are too biased. Believing and listening those things which you always want to believe and to listen. However it all take some time to digest and certainly it not so delicious as it looks to gorge upon. But in a long run it might make sense.


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