Why Midas is still single? :P

Scene 1:
One fine afternoon, when sun was at its greatest anger and half of the people in my hostel were still asleep after an early morning movie show* or Counter Strike session, without any lust for attendance/quiz marks. Some one banged on my door.

Midas: Harsh...Harsh..

Me: Yeah..am coming.....

Midas: Naina too gone. I found her with that spike haired guy.

Me: What's new with this? Everytime it happens with you. By the way, who told you to go to class. If you had missed the class, you would have missed that heart breakng scene too.

Midas: Arey no...I went for the new teaching assistant. 4th year...i guess.

Me: hmm....

Midas: We should do something, otherwise our college life will pass without girl.

Me: If you are so much after a girl, you should have better opted for History or some literature major.

Midas: Ok..i made the mistake.. See..we tried everything.. We talked in the way girls like, acted as they     expect us to.. but nothing seems to work for us. So i have a better idea. This will act psycologically on girls.

Me: hmm...so what's your new crap??

Midas: See..the next time.. We gonna propose a girl.. We will first call her to some place far from their hostel, lets say Ice n spice. Now, as usual the girl will ask for some time to answer. (yeah..Its rude to refuse the boy instantaneously..Girls you know are caring) Now, we will have our guys on the way from Ice n Spice to her hostel. Our guys will talk about us like " Midas is a nice guy"; "he debates so well"; "He plays violin and his badminton is awsome". Listening to this, the girl can't refuse our proposal. You see, our plan will work..

Me: hmm..nice..Let me sleep now...

Midas: No.. I am going to propose Naina today..

Me: What!!! Today!!

Midas: Call Slim-Shady, Jadu, Pikachu, Feynman. We will chalk out a plan at evening.

Me: Hmm..ok

At evening, we planned every minute details, right from colour of Midas's shirt to Slim's capri.

Scene 2:
Next day, Midas proposed the girl at historic Ice n Spice which must have witnessed 100-200 proposes and subsequent rejections. Banana Shake has been the loyal friend of rejected lovers.

At 9 pm, Midas ordered 2 banana shakes.

Midas: Since a few days, i am feeling high waves of emotion about you. Er..Er....I feel very happy in your company...I can't save myself from your eyes..they are so attractive..i feel i am in love..

After the first word of Midas, the girl became conscious of banana shake.

Girl: yeah..So who is the lucky girl?

As if Midas was instructing a word problem to her.

Midas(looking to the other side): That's you...

5 minutes lull...Girl took some time to finish the shake.

Girl: I need some time...

Midas was prepared for this sentance.

On her way back to her hostel, she was bound to meet our scripted characters. The way to the girls hostel passes through Nescafe, Hostel CH1, C mess..

Scene 3:
Place: Outside Nescafe
Description: Slim Shady standing with Jadu.

Jadu: Slim, get ready.. She is coming... You remember your dialogue right..

Slim: Yeah.. I am prepared..

Slim(to himself): Jai Eminem.. you get one chance..one opportunity..to sieze everything.....................

Jadu: 1.......2...........3..go go go.......

Slim: Jadu, you know..Midas is very saintly.....He watches only soft ones....today only downloaded from my share......

Jadu: Shut up..you are not supposed to say these..

Slim: Its ok..Its common...but then too he avoids....great lad, Midas..

The girl gave a look, which made Slim feel that he had done his job...

Slim: We were great. Weren't we??

Jadu: Ghantu ke..tel le le ....God and Naina only know.

Scene 4:
Pikachu and Feynman standing outside C-mess.

Pikachu: Feynman..Start..All the best..

Feynman: Pika, u know...what Midas did, when he went to play violin at his school??

Pikachu: No..What he did?

Feynman: He forgot to bring the bow..(btw bow is used to play violin..you remeber..stick like thing)

Pikachu(in a low voice): Abe saste kyun maar raha hain...

Feynman: It was to acknowledge her that he plays violin..(in a loud tone)..He goes to every class..sometimes without brushing too..such a wonderful boy...

If Midas has 0.01% probablity  of "yes", after so much of praise..he lost that too..
Midas is still single and working on a new plan for a new target. ;)

*early morning show means watching NORMAL movies at 4 am. Please give your dirty mind some rest.


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