Tryst with Bhoot at 3 AM

"Knock Knock.."

"3 in the morning, must be Midas..always comes to ask for NC(night canteen) when it is too late, and then we ask the canteen guys, "kuch to bacha hoga, bhaiya" run to C mess or it may be Rastogi asking for something to eat or may be Vinayak asking difference between induction and Dc motor", i wondered how many thoughts raced in my mind without knowing who is knocking.

"hmm...coming"... i replied in a voice which clearly showed how much afraid i am of running to mess or to differentiate between two motors which collectively rotates almost everything on this earth.

"Ohh..Abhinav, you here!!!" i was amazed at my guessing skills that i couldn't think of the very guy next door, Abhinav, a year junior to us.

"Haan Bhaiya, Were you sleeping?"

"No No..was watching a movie..wanna join?"

"No" came his reply.

There was something unusual though. He was not looking the same. Looked as if he was a little frightened. Perhaps a redo in EG or a decreasing CG was the reason of his sleepless night. Well, not a big deal. First year students are generally poor at appreciating the real power of magical word used at BITS, "lite".

"What's wrong?" finally i asked.

"Umm nothing..actually yes..there are some weird sound coming from the toilets.."came a quick reply.

"What sort of sounds?"it aroused a sudden interest in me.

"Sounds as if somebody is typing something on laptop, and sometimes sound of turning pages and even once it sounded as if somebody dropped the pen" again a quick and prompt answer from Abhinav.

"Really..Lets go"

"No...No..I'll not go..bhoot ka chakkar ho sakta hai.." and this showed the real fear of Abhinav.

"ok..then go and call Jadu"

"We can fight with any living creature but bhoot leaves you with no option, how can you fight with something invisible. Bhoots are cute. Bhoots don't harm, they just frighten us." so many facts abouts bhoot came to my mind instantly.

"Kya hua ghantu ke" came the sound in a loud enough voice to wake me from fact finding dream on bhoots.

"Nothing..Kid says he heard something unusual near in something supernatural sort of..." i explained him the situation.

"abe mujhe kyun le ja raha hai, sona hai" a hasten reply, even before i completed my sentence. This was enough to show the fear

"pagal hai..bhoot-woot nahi hota..chal na"

"i dont fear anything, just i am little sleepy..ok let's go" so he finally agreed.

After that we reached toilet, amongst the smell of urinals (which showed how bad our flush works), Abhinav was not wrong. There were sounds as he explained. I looked at Jadu and our faces had the same expression, 50% fear and 50% excitement.

We were still not out of the initial shock and there comes in a fainted voice of numerous grammy winner, Emine

                                                    "I'm not afraid to take a stand

                                                     Everybody come take my hand

                                     We'll walk this road together, through the storm

                                                Whatever weather, cold or warm

                                           Just let you know that, you're not alone

                            Holla if you feel that you've been down the same road."
Some years ago, i heard of bhoot who was fond of Himesh Reshamiya. Well, i can't blame the bhoot, Himesh Reshamiya's nasal voice have counter effect on living and non living things. But Eminem's fan are out of this real world too..amazing. We decided to call some more people and in 2 minutes, Pika, feynman, Midas, Vinayak all were there. We were discussing amongst ourselves when suddenly the door opened. Bhoot was standing before us and was amazed at so many people welcoming him. So, the bhoot was Slim Shady, another of my neighbours, standing before us with laptop and CAS book in his hand and ipod playing his loving Eminem's playlist.
"Abe yaar, kal assignment submit karna hai na, to socha yahi complete kar leta hun" was Slim's explanation.
"yaar ho gaya to mail kar dena" and this was Midas. ;)

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