How it All Started...part 2

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"Deep" comes the reply in not so attractive, yet meek and gentle voice.

Though the whole WAVES of mine went in trying different schemes to talk to HR girls, yet occasional interruption of Deep through hi-hello gave feel-good feeling. After WAVES, life was back to normal, the same classes, games, library and sleep with an addition of a new friend. I was slowely recovering from Test 1 debacle and was assimilating with new environment of freedom and newly gained responsibility. Everything was perfect as it should be.

It was the last exam of the semester.. My train was bound the next day. While I was checking in at the security gate after bading good bye to a friend of mine, a familier voice trapped my attention. I turned back and saw a cute little figure carrying bags of weight more than hers.

"Good Bye.....Happy Vacation..." was her final words.

"Same to you..." was only what i managed to say.

First semester ended and so ended my library torture.

Nothing happened in vacation and 20 days of mother's love passed in a flick of time. We were back in Goa.

Perhaps, God was merciful this time and i was greeted with a decent PR number. After registration, i messaged Deep asking her PR number. (PR number or Priority number is a randomly assigned number to make ones time table) She was surprised of message as we hadn't yet exchanged numbers. We had long chat that evening. Looked a perfect start of new semester.

Days passed by and so increased our friendship. Occasional stroll after library followed the increased frequency of gtalk chats. Again Test1 was setback but not a debacle. And moresoever, this time i had a friend always supporting and encouraging. She helped me whenever i felt low. Every failure of mine was first routed to her and there she was, with a bag full of inspirational stuff. A good luck message before exam, became customary. With time, every ping on gtalk grabbed my immediate attention as it can be hers. I waited for her to be online.

There ended the second semester...
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