LCC 420

TELEBRANDS - Hi friends, Pehle me bahut dukhi rehta tha !! Hmesha hatash rehta tha !! Mujhse padhai nhi ho pati thi. 1 assignment complete karne me mahino lag jate the. Hostel walo ke tane sun ke ro diya krta tha. Fir maine is naye club ke bare me suna - !!!!!!....LCC*....!!!!! Ye wakai lajawab hai, Ab main puri technical book library me complete kar leta hun. Duniya bhar ke taane aur galiyan apni girl friend se hans ke sun leta hu. Kitni bhi tough assignment aaye us se padh leta hun.

*LCC-- Ladki Chahiye Club

After this short promotion by one of the successful members of LCC, there is a story which will inspire everyone
of you.

1 year back:

Place: Corridor, Second Floor, Hostel AH5

"He can't do anything."

"Getting a girl is difficult; he can't get one."

"Guys, see the boy to girl ratio here, then we are from AH5, and at last he is sad Aarush."

"I will!!! Screw you, guys.. You will see one day..." came a confident yet meek voice of Aarush.

"Ok..I bet in front of all, if Aarush gets a girl during our college; i will run one round of central lawn naked." This was Veer, fond of betting on every second argument.

Aarush was feeling very low after all this and in order to keep his words, he went to people who had girlfriends.
Those great souls were touched by Aarush's gesture.

One of them commented," yaar, tune to meri struggle ke dino ki yaad dila di."

After this, those great people consulted amongst themselves and in greater interest of mankind and in particular,
for Aarush, floated a club Ladki Chahiye Club. Even then, it was not anticipated, that so many people will come for inductions. However, after 3 rounds of questionnaire, GD and interview, 5 most depressed souls were selected. This was decided on the sole intention that one who is most depressed needs greatest help of all.

After this, they floated a course, following is the handout:

                       Ladki Chahiye Club

                                   Instruction Division

                                       First Semester

Course Title: Get In Real Life
(short forms are too popular here. DISCO, MOS, EG.. This course is GIRL)

Course No: LCC420

Student in Charge: Aarush

Team of Students: Slim Shady, Midas, Feynman, Pikachu, Jadu

1. Scope and Objective of the course:
The objective of this course is to expose the student to a broad knowledge of experimenatal and theoratical methods to get a girl and train the students in the skill of operation and maintainence to keep the girl happy and going.

2. Utilities:

a. gtalk
b. Mobile phone(with a message pack)
c. deordant (preferably AXE)
d. Strong DC++ (acts as a grapevine)
e. A minimum balance of Rs. 1000 in bank account in addition to your expenditure.
f. Facebook account.

3. Course Plan:

a. Initiation- How to start conversation? Frequency of "Hi". When to wave hand and when to smile? (Lecture Number: 1-5)

b. Maintain the "hi" (Lecture Number: 6-7)

c. How to get the girl's phone number and gtalk id? (Lecture number:8-12) (Includes a lab)

d. How to talk and message using mass media device(mobile phone)? (Lecture no: 13-18) (Includes two labs)

e. gtalk communication with special emphasis on status messages. (Lecture no: 19-21) (Includes a lab)

f. Maintaining the relationship during hard times(e.g. T1, T2, compre). (Lecture no: 22-25)

g. How to indicate that you like her with special emphasis on body gestures? (Lecture no: 26-30)

h. Proposing-selecting accurate time, perfect place and right gift. (Lecture no 30-40)

4. Evaluation Scheme:

a. Test 1: 20% (during Winter vacation)

Problem: Identify and talk to girl of your choice and get her phone number as well as her gtalk id.

b. Test 2: 20% (during Summer Vacation)

Problem: Prepare a report on the girl's likes, dislikes, friends, and her history using social networking sites as well as using your communication skills.

c. Surprise Test: 5%

Problem: You will get a girl's call at the very unexpected moment and the girl is in very bad mood.

d. Assignment: 5%

Problem: Submit a girl's gtalk id every month. (NC for those who submit fake ids)

e. Lab components: 20%

Instructors will first perform the experiment themselves with the help of their girlfriends.

f. Comprehensive Examinaton: 30% (during waves)

Problem: Propose a girl of your choice.

1. Make-up Policy: Make Up for any component will be given only in genuine cases. In all cases prior intimation must be given to IC.

2. Chamber Consultation hour: To be announced in class by instructors

3. Notices: Notice, if any, concerning the course will be displayed on the DC/Ladki Chahiye Club Notice Board.


Students who have completed this course with at least "C" will be eligible to register for the following electives:
a. PROM112
b. MONGI229

So, Aarush was the course topper and he was recently spotted with a girl in Shopping Centre and in Library where she was teaching him ES C242 ;)

Now, we all are waiting for Veer's public display of.......................................


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