Little things called Av.

Among many lines of interest like Poverty Line, Greenwich Mean Line, Sir Creek Line; there is one more line which has a psychological impact on the entire student community belonging to the colleges where relative grading is followed. Between the two different states of joy and sorrow, interesting and isolated behaviour, there is a fine line of Average lovingly referred to as Av.

Just after a paper gets over, instead of what was asked before,"paper kaisa gaya? " or self confidence boosting comments like,"paper was tough and kitna lengthy tha?" , now the question on every mouth is "Av kitna jayega?" Many a times, it reminds me of recent advertisements floated during the World Cup to exploit the cricket fever among Indians. As a parallel of that," Ek hi to sawal hai, mongi pe discuss karata hai. Dinner pe bird-watching bhi nahi karne deta. Sare chehro par ek hi sawal; Arey Av kya jayega ?"

As soon as the teacher enters the room for paper distribution, suddenly the guessing game (on Av) reaches an all time high, with an occasional feud and "chal lag gayi, 5-5 ki". Teachers go through the routine approach of rubbing the green boards, and then search for little pieces of chalk to write figures of exam(Av, highest, lowest). Some 10p's sitting on first bench help them in their effort. Then follows a triumphant sound (with desks playing the role of drums) in case average is low or otherwise a deep mourning sound coming from somewhere deep inside.

What is the difference between 24 and 27??

Just two marks. Doesn't make much difference.

And what if, average is 25.5??

Oh gosh!!! One who gets 27 is on cloud 9. In his mind, he is calculating little Av+'s of surprise tests, attendances and then then solace himself by lowering the boundary of "B". And in back of his mind,"aaj main upar, aasman niche. aaj main aage, jamana hai piche" is playing.

Now look at the 24's guy. Poor chap. Av-1..huh.. "Anyway i have to maintain C, I can't go to D" with "jag soona soona lage," in background. He goes back to his room and curses all those damn moments when he wasted time with friends. He will calculate his GPA and then again moments of despair haunt him like ghosts did to Ebenezer Scrooge.

aap tension mat lo, 24 wala 2 din me thik ho jayega :D


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