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DC++ is an important part of every BITSian life. When test/exam make people wander all night like Zombie snatching reports, class notes, there is one permanent place to chill out.

Yesterday was no exception, CAS assignment was killing our beautiful sunday morning. Everone of us has no clue to question itself, leave alone solution. The horrible MATLAB screen was making making fun of our restlessness by cracking beautiful jokes on FFT and DFT by giving errors which was not identified by google too.

Amongst all these catastrophe, when nothing seemed to help and the only solution to the problem was to end our lives, there was this guy who remembered his love and came to DC which relieved his mind and one more talented engineer was saved from trauma.

Enjoy his chat:

[01:06] Boy> Hey!!!!!
[01:06] Boy> :)
[01:06] Boy> kya haal hai
[01:07] Girl> :|
[01:07] Boy> madam
[01:07] Boy> boliye
[01:07] Boy> :X
[01:07] Girl> ye kaun hai
[01:07] Boy> raat bhar tp karti hain
[01:07] Boy> jara humse bhi baat kar liya kijiye
[01:07] Girl> :|
[01:07] Boy> hum bhi hai aapke diwane
[01:07] Girl> :O
[01:08] Girl> deewane ka naam bhi toh hoga
[01:08] Boy> file list kya chk kar rahi hain aap
[01:08] Girl> :sulk:
[01:08] Girl> aah
[01:08] Boy> deewana parwana hai
[01:08] Boy> door door se hi jalta hai aapko dekhke
[01:08] Girl> :S
[01:08] Boy> aah
[01:09] Boy> chaand ko kya maloom ......chahta hai use koi chakor
[01:09] Girl> hmm
[01:10] Girl> but whu is dis chakor
[01:10] Girl>
[01:10] Boy> hum toh tere aashik hain sadiyo poorane
[01:10] Boy> chahe tu maane yaa naa maane
[01:10] Boy>
[01:11] Girl> hmmm
[01:11] Boy> hmm
[01:11] Girl> hmmm
[01:11] Boy> hmm
[01:11] Boy> kucch boliye aap bhi meethi meethi baatein
[01:11] Boy>
[01:12] Girl> hhmmm
[01:12] Girl> hum kya bole
[01:12] Girl> hum ajnabeeyonse baat nahi karte
[01:12] Girl>
[01:12] Boy> karwate badalte hain saari raat hum.......aapki kasam
[01:12] Boy> kya ye ajnabee aapko jaana pehchana nahi lagta
[01:12] Boy> :|
[01:13] Boy> kya aapko kisi ajnabee ka intezaar nahi hai apni is tanha zindagi mein
[01:13] Boy> :)
[01:13] Girl> lol
[01:13] Girl> hume jana pehchana toh lagta hai ye ajnabee...
[01:13] Girl> but hum jise jaante hai woh itne romantic nahi hai
[01:13] Girl>
[01:14] Boy> haan hum wahi hain
[01:14] Boy> identity changed hai
[01:14] Boy> :|
[01:14] Boy> aur hostel bhoi
[01:14] Boy> bhi*
[01:14] Girl> lol
[01:14] Girl> hostel change
[01:14] Girl> ye kaise ?
[01:15] Boy> main shankar ka dost hoon
[01:15] Girl> ohhk...
[01:15] Boy> janmashtami mein aapke saath kaam kiya thha
[01:15] Boy> aapki awaaz suni
[01:15] Girl> hmm..
[01:15] Boy> tabhi se aap par fida ho gaya hoon
[01:15] Boy> tere honth kya hain gulabi kamal hain......ye do pattiyaan pyaar ki ek ghazal hain
[01:15] Girl> lol
[01:16] Girl> humne toh bahut logon k saath kaam kiya tha
[01:16] Girl> aap kaun hai bataye
[01:16] Girl>
[01:16] Boy> bas ek deewana samajh lijiye
[01:16] Boy> aise hazaro milenge aapko
[01:17] Girl> hume unknown deewane acche nahi lagte
[01:18] Girl>
[01:18] Boy> deewane ka dil todna acchi baat nahi
[01:18] Girl> ab nahi acche lagte toh nahi acche lagte
[01:18] Girl>
[01:19] Boy> chaliye
[01:19] Boy> shubh ratri aapko
[01:19] Boy> lekin deewane ko bhooliyega mat
[01:19] Girl> sry
[01:19] Girl> hum toh bhul jayenge
[01:19] Girl> yaad rakhne k liye naam toh hai nahi
[01:19] Girl>
[01:20] Boy> lekin hum yaad dilate rahenge
[01:20] Boy> deewana aapke sapne dekhega
[01:20] Girl>
[01:20] Boy> samay mile toh hame ek baar yaad kar lijiyega---------(aapka unknown aashiq)
[01:20] Girl> >_<

I get one thing from the chat, DC is bigger than the assignments or exams or quizzes or my degree which is result of my four year torture :D

Thanks to DC++, which helps engineers like us.

DC \m/

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