How it All Started...part 1

On timeline: Year 2009, first semester.

Where: Chemistry class

My chemistry lecturer was on full roll. He was explaining weird psi with all care so that no one could find out that he too is as much clueless on the Lord Shiva's balistic weapon's look alike as we are. (psi looks like trident or trishul  of Lord Shiva.) All melancholy faces were glued to the green board. Among those some enthusiast were copying as if those combination of psi's had some fortune making formulae.


I started yawning and when it looked impossible to pass those 50 minutes, i opened my EG(Engineering Graphics) textbook and started reading that day's assignment. Suddenly a girl perched on the vacant seat next to me. Apparently we two had same EG section because she was holding an  EG textbook in her hand. After a while, those skew lines made no sense to me and to save redo, i asked the girl as much timidly as i could if she can explain me. 

And she happily obliged. A brief "thank you" gesture was shared before we parted at the end of the class. The next class, and again we found ourselves on the same chairs. This time physics and she asked me a question. Luckily and fortunately, i made it. It continued for one month. Later we read every subject other than chemistry in that class. That's how our friendship started, but still we didn't know each other's name.

After the trauma of Test 1 where my best performance was av-15, i was determined enough to do improve in test 2. I started visiting library. (I am too social to study in my own room ;) And there was she. In a week's  time, out of pity and sympathy, she started helping me in my studies. Still, we didn't know each other's name.

Then there was WAVES. And  one day, she asked my name.
"Harsh" was my reply and "yours?" was my question.

"My name is...................................." TO BE CONTINUED.

Second Part: click here


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