The Shadow and Shine

Bharat and India are personification of two identities living in our country. India visualises itself as a state constituted by people doing hard work for every single penny they earn at MNCs, who go to malls, spend 200 bucks on a movie, make movie like bheja fry hit, and set the picture of our country as everything happy-happy. On the contrary, Bharat is constituted by people who earn their living by back breaking hard work at any construction site in Gurgaon, or the farmers working in scorching sun in any poor village of Uttar Pradesh, or illegal miners in the mines abandoned by CIL in Jharkhand.

India and Bharat are radically different in almost every respect, be it culture, language or lifestyle. Though the area of India has increased post 1991's change in policy of country, our government has recognised these two separate state in our country from a long time. As acclaimed, our budgets were also aimed at strengthening Bharat with rich India. It is still debatable if economist rate this trickle down effect as a success. Government has supported Bharat with many developmental programmes but they all are like first aid. Permanent cure is not yet visioned. Government has to recognize both India and Bharat as integral and equal partners in development of country. Because if India provides you with technology, products, and capital; it is Bharat which gives a vast mass of consumers for product and manpower for development. Gujrat supported programmes for both commoners as well as industries and they are doing well in percentage GDP growth. On the other end, West Bengal lost its advantage that it gained during colonial rule, by the confused government policies which were indifferent to both Bharat and India.

Today evening while changing channels, i found a news(from Rajesthan) where villagers were protesting against excessive use of water by "rich". They claim that "rich" are wasting water when the whole village gets no supply of water from last few days. This is a simple case where the two states of our country see each other with distrust.  Once there was similar situation with slight deviation. Then there were some limited number of people who controlled vast area of lands and were called land lords. This led to rise of naxalism. Unchecked and unbalanced gap between Bharat and India can have similar devastating effects. There should be some way in which both the states understand each other's importance and respect their mutual existence. Now, government in general and society in particular, should make effort to reduce the widening gap between the Bharat and India, because then only we can create a country which assures justice, liberty and promotes fraternity among countrymen, as envisioned in preamble.
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