Its Always Darkest Before The Dawn


The only sound is of ticking of clock.


I can't see anything. I have a habit of glancing down my palm, just to check if my fortune is changing. Alas! it  never happens. It is too dark for me to have a look on my palm. Perhaps, in this darkness; while i am unable to see anything; there might be someone who is changing my hand lines. I don't know if this "someone" is angel to help or devil to destroy. Actually no one knows except time. Time is very powerful. Time has answer for everything. I don't mind if that angel or devil, whatever, changes in light. But i think they can't because otherwise their identity will be revealed and may be i will drive them away if they are bad one.

Time passes.

I am waiting for light. 

I am fearless. 

But darkness is not bearable for a long time. I think there might be light at some other place.

I make my mind to search for light.

I start walking. I see people around me. But they have light, only i am in dark. I run place to place only to find darkness and more darkness. But how can i compare darkness? they are just empty until you feel something. Because everything is black in backgrounds. 

Now, much time has elapsed since light has gone.

A shudder of fear grips my body.

I can't fear. I never feared. 

I am fearing now.


What is this? Very fine ray of light. 

I start living on that ray. I am hopeful that one day this ray of light will light up the whole place.

I am happy.

I start thinking about source of the light. I feel greedy about how much light will be at that source.

Source of light attracts me.

I start walking in direction of light. I am about to reach there. I want to steal the source.

Suddenly it gets dark. Source of light elopes. 

I stand still. Mind is blank.

I am tired. Crying for what i hadn't had ever is not an option. I again start to think of getting out of this darkness without leaving any foot mark, so that darkness can't trace my way.

whoooooooa........i see a ray of light.

I start walking again. This time with more caution and care.

As soon as i start walking there is light. First thing that i do is to check for my hand lines.

There is no change. But I will manage with what i have. :) :)

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