Ye Ishq haye....

15 days to end of PS. Mixed feelings. I got many new friends, learnt many new things and I have to go home. When I first stepped in this village(Rawatbhata), scorching sun, leafless trees, dry canals and lot of pigs on otherwise lonely road of summer afternoon greeted us. Evenings were spent at juice stalls seeping sugarcane juice, watching girls racing on their pep+ resembling foolan devi with scarf wrapped around faces to protect from hot winds. But last few days have no adjective to describe them. First few rains of monsoon have changed the whole surrounding. Trees get leaves, canal get water and we get uncensored beauty. Once my PS gets over, I will say more of it. Just some moments before writing this post, I was talking to …….umm leave his name; Shakespeare too said, “What’s in the name?” He is a close friend of mine. While talking, he doesn’t seem to be himself; I asked him if everything was all right.

Friend: yaar, feels like vacuum created in my stomach.

Me: Why you skipped dinner? Acidity can be fatal later.

Friend: uff..tu to kuch samajhta hi nahi hai. You remember that girl. My childhood buddy??

Me: Yes, one who wakes you up every morning? Some pratap I guess.

Friend: Yes…Yes…Prachi the same. I am crazy about her. I am in love.

Me: Then say her.

Friend: I hinted her before coming to PS and you see this PS is a too long affair. I am mad after her. I feel irritated, incomplete and lost if it go two days without talking to her. I am her friend since she knows what is to be friend. She credits me with everything that she had. Isn’t this show that she loves me. We talk for hours now.

Me: Indeed, everything shows. But this love thing is not a good thing.

Friend: It may be negative. But what a movie without villain! Similarly, our life should taste this handsome feeling at least once. These memories walk with you all through your life. Even if the memory is of short extent, it has ability to stir emotions.

Me: You look like a gone case.

Friend: (in fake anger) You won’t believe it and probably will never. But you will realise my words. It feels like heaven with her and you don’t need anything else.

Me: oye..pagal ho gaya kya,…

Friend: I am going to propose her.

Me: How? Are you going back home?

Friend: No, I will write mail. In fact I have many drafts saved in my mail account for that purpose. I write one every day when I want to propose her, hold her hand and go for stroll.

Me: Abe filmy!! Aaj kal kaun kaun si movie dekhta hai?

Friend: I went for transformers but scene to veer-jara ke hi yaad aa rahe the. I listen to old hindi songs.

(Starts humming: lekar pehla pehla pyaar, bhar kar aakhon me khumar, jadu nagri se …………)

Suddenly stops and says: I will not mail her. I will go home and I will propose her.

Me: hmm…

Friend: Now let me sleep..wish me GN and PD.

To avoid embarrassment, I googled PD to get the full form. I didn’t get anything other than Potential Difference.

Finally, I asked: What is this PD? Never heard of it!!

Friend: You can’t. It is Good Night and Prachi Dreams.

Wait for the result :)

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