A word says it all

Vinita Dawra Nangia, a prominent columnist at TOI, in her recent article, talks of a single word that explains a person. As she advocates her concept, she elucidates that each one of us represents a word and that word stands for our expectations, love, aspiration, courage and for the very reason of our existence.

Amitabh Bacchan is ‘Angry Young Man’ and the legend of Hindi Cinema, Dilip Kumar is ‘Tragedy King’ on the 70 mm silver screen. If we can give words for reel life, we can find words for real characters too. It is difficult indeed, because I see this word as a tunnel to the world of our liking from the world where we have been made to live. As I appreciate this concept, I link it with the goal of our life. Right at this juncture, my youthful mind dreams of everything that I missed at some point of my life and I think those all are under my reach. I want a car; I want to live with my family; I want to visit different places. Will these things give me pleasure? I suspect. Probably I will think of opening a school some years later or may be creating any organisation to uplift rural lives. This is how our life works; priorities keep on changing and so do our likes and dislikes. At least, this is true for me. So, how come one word can describe me? In one sense, my dilemma signifies that I am still unsure of my destination. Though several destinations and roads leading to them come to my mind but the best one is hard to choose. Even sometimes, the most promising is a long one and the path to the closest destination is composed of a maze where the entry gates close once you are inside. Given my lack of experience, I could have gone wrong in the aforesaid words.

I started writing this after I asked my friends about that one word for them. One of them said, “Existence”. He explained that he considered his existence before everything on this planet. But is this not the word that explains all mango people? Yes, certainly. But then, some words are like cuisines that you find in the menu of every restaurant and then their menu have something distinct. Does this mean that our search is for the “special” in us? Well, I feel so.

A dear friend of mine is fond of astrology. Though I am neutral to this ‘beyond the world’ science, I relate to many things that he predicted on the sole ground of my birthdate. As I experience and my friend’s astrological predictions affirm, I often experience mood swings. As such, it is difficult to find a word that embodies me. But I will not lose hope; French, German, Sanskrit……….I will find it one day.

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