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As We Talk

As We Talk, this friend of mine, so obsessed with Dexter and House asks me weather i know the meaning of indulgence. If ever i had felt it the way he feels it. Quite interesting. I asked him, how do you define this term indulgence. He says indulgence is like getting lost and you don't want to be found. you just want to go more and more deep. Indulging more and more. I remembered this discussion.

It was raining on last friday. I just started when it started raining. It was not a heavy rain, so i decided to continue.Speed of bike and rain made a good IIT question and the result of the problem was that i got drenched completely. A cold breeze and i started shivering like anything. Yerwada Jail Road, yes the one who has Sanjay Dutt, has got some really nice big trees. And it looked so beautiful. The Banyan trees was in its full colours. Green leaves, aerial roots all magnified its beauty. I did not stop. It was quite a nice feeling. Shivering did not stop and i continued. I found a b…