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Everything but Nothing

This isn't my work but while surfing the net, i found it intresting. So, i decided to share with you people.

Har khusi hai logon ke daman mein;
Par ek hansi ke liye waqt nahi.

Maa ke loree ka ehasas to hai;
Par maa ko maa kehne ka waqt nahi.

Gairon ki kya baatein kare;
Jab apno ke liye hi waqt nahi.

Aakhon me neend to bahut hain;
Par sone ka waqt hi nahi.

Dil hai gamon se bhara hua;
Par rone ke liye hi waqt nahi.

Paison ki daur me aise daure;
ki thakne ke liye hi waqt nahi.

Paraye ehsason ki kya kadra kare;
Jab apne sapno ke liye hi waqt nahi.


Recently a friend of mine committed an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Reason: he failed, for the second time, in class 12 examination. The day I reached home, I was welcomed by this horrible news. I went to the hospital to see him. Believe me, to see someone you love lying on the hospital bed in a pathetic condition is the last thing you ever want to see. Well that’s life. You have to make yourself hard to encounter its harsh and cruel realities.
Looking at him, I remembered the day when our class 10 results were out. He wanted to take commerce and intended to take fashion designing further on. He has no aptitude for science and he knew it very well. His father wanted him to take science. Actually his father’s friend, whose son (Neetish) was also in our class and got 93%, in class 10, was the reason why his father forced him to study science. His father’s friend had his own logic. He said that if someone does his class 12 from science, he has several options open like engineering, archi…