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Tryst with Bhoot at 3 AM

"Knock Knock.."

"3 in the morning, must be Midas..always comes to ask for NC(night canteen) when it is too late, and then we ask the canteen guys, "kuch to bacha hoga, bhaiya" run to C mess or it may be Rastogi asking for something to eat or may be Vinayak asking difference between induction and Dc motor", i wondered how many thoughts raced in my mind without knowing who is knocking.

"hmm...coming"... i replied in a voice which clearly showed how much afraid i am of running to mess or to differentiate between two motors which collectively rotates almost everything on this earth.

"Ohh..Abhinav, you here!!!" i was amazed at my guessing skills that i couldn't think of the very guy next door, Abhinav, a year junior to us.

"Haan Bhaiya, Were you sleeping?"

"No No..was watching a movie..wanna join?"

"No" came his reply.

There was something unusual though. He was not looking the same. Looked as if he w…


This world is of advertisement. Companies don't miss any opportunity, haven't you watched IPL? They have got sponsor at every possible inch of their apparel. So, while watching IPL last evening, I was struck with a new brilliant idea of selling sponsorship of marriages.

Imagine marriage invitations will be like:
HUGGIES presents
                                   TANU WEDS                                                            MANU
At the marriage venue, a large banner will be displayed:
DOWRY PARTNERS: MARUTI SUZUKI, TANISHQ, NOKIA We wish for your happy life ahead.
APPLIANCES PARTNER: LG, VIDEOCON Unquestionable Trust.  May God create trust between the divine pair like customers trust on us.
PHOTOGRAPHY PARTNER: CANON May the all Almighty retains your love as it is today.
UNITED PRESSURE COOKER khaye jao, khaye jao; United ke gun gaye jao
AMUL Taste of India
I hope people don't need any child partner ;).