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Robin Hood... We need you!!

We need a Robin Hood. Needn’t we?
When Senior Loseley says,” cometh the moment cometh the man”; Robin realises his need and saves the England. As his tales goes, he was the man who robbed from rich and distributes amongst poor.But what will today’s Robin Hood do? Will he rob banks? I heard about many gangsters that did the same in kosi region of Bihar. Or will they sit on fast until death as Baba Ramdev did? Our desi Robin Hood thinks that his fast will force government to make an agreement with Swiss banks (at least he knows the place) and then those private banks will give us money of their clients(if any). For a moment, lets create a hypothetical situation where the government has all the money that they want to carry their developmental programmes. What do you think they will do? As I say it often, the government will come up with a new developmental scheme aimed at painting the outer wall of home when the whole roof is rickety. In other words, government will envisage a new pro…

The Median 2: Halfway to college life

1st semester. Those were the days when I used to go mess 4 times a day; that I still do. Just timings have changed. What that used to be breakfast those days, are now rescheduled to 1 A.M. NC. One day, I came back after dinner and heard some heated arguments at hostel entrance. After paying a little notice, I realised that noise is not futile but some intellectual hi-fi topic because only two people were speakers and rest 10 had surrounded them in hope of little increase in their knowledge or just to get socialised. These small discussions play a very important role in first few weeks of college as they create opportunities for likeminded people to interact among themselves. As for example, if discussion is on India vs. Australia in cricket or Man U vs. Chelsea, people can easily find their supporters. Isn’t this? However let’s come back to that discussion. Out of natural curiosity, I stood there for a while to get the theme of their interesting discussion.
First guy: You can’t ques…

The Median: Halfway to college life

After the trauma that spanned two years of my life, it was the reaping time. The crop was giving me mixed feelings. I had option of many colleges to choose from, but finally after several rounds of dinner table conferences with papa’s colleagues and my tea party with seniors of my town; we settled down to BITS. When I was on my way to BITS-Hyderabad, several answers were still doubtful. Though the questions of those answers covered a wide range like,” Is this new campus good enough?, Is this dual degree a good option, Should I waste one year?”, but one particular section of questions were disturbing me more than any other and that was regarding my compatibility with new environment. These questions were important when I considered my small town background. But now after two years that makes me 50% engineer, I have no doubt left. Every question has now got awesome answers. But this post is about the people who made those answers awesome. Cheers to you all.
 August 1, 2009. This was my…

The Shadow and Shine

Bharat and India are personification of two identities living in our country. India visualises itself as a state constituted by people doing hard work for every single penny they earn at MNCs, who go to malls, spend 200 bucks on a movie, make movie like bheja fry hit, and set the picture of our country as everything happy-happy. On the contrary, Bharat is constituted by people who earn their living by back breaking hard work at any construction site in Gurgaon, or the farmers working in scorching sun in any poor village of Uttar Pradesh, or illegal miners in the mines abandoned by CIL in Jharkhand.

India and Bharat are radically different in almost every respect, be it culture, language or lifestyle. Though the area of India has increased post 1991's change in policy of country, our government has recognised these two separate state in our country from a long time. As acclaimed, our budgets were also aimed at strengthening Bharat with rich India. It is still debatable if economi…