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Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja: 10 commandments


Making of Sarang

Being true, I must admit how difficult its for us to release a single issue of Sarang, a hindi magazine which we initially intended to release twice a semester but now Sarang is subjected to availability of content. Its not that we had not tried to contact our friends with similar likes for Hindi as us, but i blame lazy weather and numerous test/assignment on their indifference to our request for an article for Sarang.

But after creating and nurturing Sarang for more than a year, its very hard for us to shut it without fighting for it existence one more time. Amitabh Mishra gave us a much needed  jolt in order to make us sincere toward our common love. Amitabh Mishra is not a new face to Sarang. He is the pioneer for hindi literary movement in BITS-Goa by planting seed of Srijan. Srijan has not been able to come up with expectations of different hindi based events, but surely it has marked its presence through Sarang with its little but remarkable presence in different colleges of In…