Monday, September 30, 2013

जाग जाओ, की ये बड़ा शहर है।

सोचा था उफान होगा,
जोश का उबाल होगा,
शहर की चमक,
और नाचना गाना होगा। 

मन में उत्साह होगा,
दौड़ने का चाह होगा,
जीतने का नशा होगा,
खुशियों का पिटारा होगा। 

नये लोग जुड़ेंगे,
रास्ता खुशनुमा होगा,
गाना बजाना होगा।

नए दिन का इंतज़ार होगा,
रात का आराम होगा,
दोस्तों यारों के साथ,
महफिलों का दौड़ चलेगा।

अरे भाई, जाग जाओ,
यहाँ शोर है,
नीचा दिखाने की होड़ है,
पैसों का रौब है,
और इ एम आई की जंग है।

पडोसी अनजान है,
हर दिन जंग है,
रात में कल दिन का डर है
जाग जाओ, की ये बड़ा शहर है।

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

और डूब कर पार जाना है.

उनकी अदा भी बड़ी कातिल है
करते है वो अफसाने बड़े बड़े;
पर जाने क्यूँ,
कर के भूल जाते है.

उनका मिजाज भी ज़रा अजब है,
ख़ता वो करती है, 
हमारे रूठने से पहले,
खुद रूठ कर बैठी है.

इकरार है आपके इश्क से,
उस बदनाम आशिक ने सच कहा ,
ये इश्क नहीं आसान,
बस इतना समझ लीजिये,
आग का दरिया है,
और डूब कर पार जाना है.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Catcher in the Rye

Some years ago, i was at MATRIX event to discuss a book called The Catcher In The Rye. Many people who were into literature were discussing. I had not read the book then but i remember, everyone who had read the book then, were on two opposite pole. Either They loved it, or they hated it with all their heart. But yes, no one was left from the charm. The book made them love or hate. No one was in middle. And i wondered why this book The Catcher in the Rye was banned.
So, i finished this book last night. It is gripping, although it does not offer any thriller or erotic stuff. When i was reading the book, i felt as if J. D. Salinger did not make any effort to write. i imagined him 19 years old writing whatever is coming to his mind. Unfiltered with the opinion and ways of the world, unaffected with the rituals, customs. Uncensored; Pure thought of 18 year old. And since Salinger wrote uncensored, people have to censor it. they banned it. When somebody wants to do whatever comes to his mind, he has two options, get banned or be anonymous. It should not be a surprise that most of the answers/questions on quora is anonymous. I doubt quora would have been such a cult if there would not have been any option of anonymous. 

So, Salinger wrote account of three days of a 18 year old. If you are young, sharing background of Holden, the book should not offer anything new. Yes, it will surprise you that in 1951, teens were much the same as they are today. Having same thought, hating phony people, questioning the education system, hating the speech of teachers, feeling like yawning when someone is teaching you what you should be doing now and how you are wasting your life. There is an incident in the story, Holden calls a prostitute. She gets undressed and Holden asks him if she can just talk to him for a while. Reader feels that Holden just need someone who can listen to him, rather than teaching him, rather than telling life lesson. Holden feels that someone should understand him. And everyone fails. His family, his teacher, his friends, his girl friend. He goes to telephone booth, try to contact people whom he think, will comfort him. And everyone fails.

I personally liked the book, because it speaks mind of 18 years old; cutting across time, place and language.

की दिल के पास दिमाग नहीं है

ये मेरा डर है
कह दो की नाहक है 
दिखा दो की झूठ है
दिल अनजान था 
की ये मेरा डर  है 

ये खोने का डर  है 
कह दो की वादें पक्के थे 
दिखा  दो की मेरी समझ अधूरी है 
दिल नालायक है  
की दिल के पास दिमाग नहीं है 

ये दुरी का डर है 
कह दो की गलत है 
दिखा दो की सब वही है 
दिल नासमझ है
की दिल के पास समझ नहीं है 

कह तो दोगी 
पर सुनेगा कौन
की दिल के पास कान नहीं है 
दिखा तो दोगी 
पर देखेगा कौन 
की दिल के पास आँख नहीं है 

क्या अजीब दुश्मनी है 
की दिल के पास दिमाग नहीं है

Sunday, September 1, 2013


It takes me 1.5 hours in a day to commute office while by bike, it takes half an hour. Not that there is another shortcut, but because of poor transport facilities. Wasting two hours in day in polluted air, mindless honking hurts. So, the day i have enough money to buy a two wheeler, i will. Because for me, comfort is more important.

In middle of all the ho-halla regarding falling rupee vs dollar, i was going through one blog which was suggesting to use swadeshi to save rupee. Here is the link for  reference: .It caught my attention because just few hours before reading the article, i was listening to our PM urging us to reduce petrol  and gold consumption because they are a big sum on our import bill. Have a look on the pie chart with distribution of different imports.
So, 32 percent is petroleum. While its right for them to ask citizens to decrease the petrol consumption. My question is, given my situation, why do i think not to buy a bike and use public transport that waste my 2 hours unnecessary. Globalization has increased our purchasing capacity and i do not mind even if the petrol price is Rs. 100 per liter. What if the city offered me a better transport facility? I would not have even thought of buying a bike. Even if it cost me some more time, i would have preferred public transport. Running a big country like India is not an easy task and surely they can not please everybody. But the welfare programs which are major expenditure of government, why cant government cut them little and pays more attention to things that needs immediate attention. Why dont make roads, buy buses, metro project in city like pune which will be facing nightmare traffic situation 10 years later. Instead they are launching Food Security Bill which will cost another handsome percentage of government treasury, and that too in middle of economic crisis. NCERT economics books says due to increased expenditure in social welfare programs in 1980s with  rampant corruption caused debacle that saw economic crisis of 1991. The reforms taken in 1991, were not a natural choice to our rulers then, but it was as a part of the conditions that India was forced to agree while borrowing money from IMF and World Bank. So, the large market that India offered and for what MNCs lobbied were now open. Money came, and so increased our purchasing capacity. My father used to say scooter were luxury back then and these days everyone wants a bike and cars are must for anyone who can afford EMI. On the other side, we failed miserably on manufacturing industry. We still export raw materials which we import as finished good at a higher price.