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Today i want to show you the glimpses of our life. On the eve of Republic day, i proposed to my hostel's cultural secretary to have a sort of small gathering of our hostel mates in our hostel lawn at midnight. He agreed and we decided to play music from 11:30 pm to 12 midnight. Thereafter, we were supposed to sing national anthem. Initially we feared nobody will come but as we started RANG DE BASANTI, enthu went up and we witnessed 60 people, shouting patriotic slogans, merrily dancing.
Hey man, wait! Like a bollywood movie, our party was intervened by right hand of GABBAR, SAMBHA. He casually walked and turned off the music system as if he doesn't count other 60 in human race. No talk only action. But GAON WALE (villager) standing on the shoulder of JAI (hostel representative) and VEERU (cultural representative) resisted and finally party continued.
But how come SAMBHA digests this defeat, he called upon his master, GABBAR. I am giving you details of their talk.


Wise And Otherwise

I have just completed a deep, touching book by Sudha Murty. Sudha Murty is best known as the wife of Infosys founder Mr. Narayan Murty. BUT not many people know that she is herself in Computer Science, a padam Shree award recipient and a prolific writer. Her masterpieces includes nine novels, four technical books, a collection of short stories and some non-fiction books. Beside all these, she heads Infosys foundation, a charitable fund , meant to improve education, medical facillities and helping olds. Non-fiction books are generally boring and is meant for some vigorous reader, but this book WISE AND OTHERWISE is a book of its own kind. Here the author has provoked us to think about every issues in India, which we all know, discuss (and our discussion ends with all blames going to government). Personally, i feel experience is our best teacher and it seems Mrs. Murty has written all his teacher's lesson in a very interesting way. Its so pathetic to read about a man whose…


Scenario 1: One of my friend, Sangam, get 69.8% in his 9th standard annual examination. At the parent-teacher meet, his dad having nothing to say with 69.8% in hand and remarks " he will make 90% in boards." (please excuse his dad, all dads are much the same.) Instead of soothing and inspiring words there comes a cold, callous remark of his class teacher ," aise bacche nai late 90%, wo alag hote hai."
Scenario 2: A year later, in a PTM after pre-boards, Sangam stands 2nd with 93.2% in class, that teacher is saying to his dad," i knew from begining, ye ladka kuch karega."
Well i am not here to tell Sangam's story, just i want to show you the unproductive rude system of ours.Imagine the humiliation that he faced.Answer me if he took bournvita or some drug to enhance his performance? No,he didn't take anything, the excellence was within him, but nobody dared to recognise and persuade him. Thanks to cruelty of system, it excited him and he is now in a …