Scenario 1: One of my friend, Sangam, get 69.8% in his 9th standard annual examination. At the parent-teacher meet, his dad having nothing to say with 69.8% in hand and remarks " he will make 90% in boards." (please excuse his dad, all dads are much the same.) Instead of soothing and inspiring words there comes a cold, callous remark of his class teacher ," aise bacche nai late 90%, wo alag hote hai."
Scenario 2: A year later, in a PTM after pre-boards, Sangam stands 2nd with 93.2% in class, that teacher is saying to his dad," i knew from begining, ye ladka kuch karega."
Well i am not here to tell Sangam's story, just i want to show you the unproductive rude system of ours.Imagine the humiliation that he faced.Answer me if he took bournvita or some drug to enhance his performance? No,he didn't take anything, the excellence was within him, but nobody dared to recognise and persuade him. Thanks to cruelty of system, it excited him and he is now in a reputed college. But everytime it doesn't work, some give up to pressure and their performances go down. I agree that he was not worthy of being called topper but at least he didn't owe this kind of ill-treatment. Welcome to our system which weigh you on marks which i feel is just the measure of your mugging power(for an average student).Let me acknowledge you this is not the story of one school, but of almost every school and college.
In year 2006, in india, we have 5857 student suicides cases in india . Isn't this waste of country's most productive, creative resources? Teachers, right from love guru to physics teacher, have a very deep impression upon us. Our thinking, attitude, are all moulded by them. Suppose a child of nursery has been taught C...B....A.... insted of A....B....C...., he is bound to learn the same unless some other TEACHER corrects him, no matter his parents or teacher. What I see in college that teachers are indifferent, they come to class, deliver lectures and go away.They have no intention to make a bond with student which according to me not only helps students to be at ease and can make them learn fast. There is absolutely no thrust by them to help students uncover the beauty of subject. We can aptly connect teachers to cheffs who can make subject tempting and sometime repelling as well. Other thing is that there is no interaction between student and teacher. I blame students more for this because internet, gaming have taken over their soical lives.Teachers are also responsble, this profession has now evolved from humanitarian service to a proffesional job, they dont have anything to do with student's problem, which i feel, has the most terrible impact. As they have underwent similar situation, they can help student to stand against all odds which can be the cause of suicides.

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