Today i want to show you the glimpses of our life. On the eve of Republic day, i proposed to my hostel's cultural secretary to have a sort of small gathering of our hostel mates in our hostel lawn at midnight. He agreed and we decided to play music from 11:30 pm to 12 midnight. Thereafter, we were supposed to sing national anthem. Initially we feared nobody will come but as we started RANG DE BASANTI, enthu went up and we witnessed 60 people, shouting patriotic slogans, merrily dancing.
Hey man, wait! Like a bollywood movie, our party was intervened by right hand of GABBAR, SAMBHA. He casually walked and turned off the music system as if he doesn't count other 60 in human race. No talk only action. But GAON WALE (villager) standing on the shoulder of JAI (hostel representative) and VEERU (cultural representative) resisted and finally party continued.
But how come SAMBHA digests this defeat, he called upon his master, GABBAR. I am giving you details of their talk.

SAMBHA : SARDAR, SARDAR (hey, GABBAR lives in first floor)
GABBAR : (annoyed at the wierd timing of call, a bit angry) who forgets on my name, a whole hostel sleeps? Who is this? (He comes to balcony.)
GABBAR : KITNE AADMI THE? (how many people were there?)
GABBAR : WO 60 TUM EK. (They 60 and you alone). BAHUT NAINSAFFI. (too much injustice)

GABBAR comes, on account of his broken sleep due to us, he following SAMBHA, took the laptop and sound boxes with him. Our enjoyment evaporated like a sudden water sprinkle over hot frying pan. Tell me ,was this the way to react? We are not a 10 year child. We were not troubling anyone, whole hostel was there. I don't know ,what is right and what is wrong. I simply know this was our way to just chill for 30 minutes from pressure cooker like situation from 8 to 5. He should at least consider the joyous mood of ours, neither it was a rave party nor we were giving birthday bumps to anyone. We were the culprit of celebrating REPUBLIC DAY , which majority of people consider as another holiday , free from everyday hustle and bustle. Sorry guys, i went a bit off-track. By that time, 12 came and we found ourselves singing national anthem, despite of all odds. Then our party converted into a small procession and we went shouting slogans...
please remember 26 jan is REPUBLIC DAY.

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