Wise And Otherwise

I have just completed a deep, touching book by Sudha Murty. Sudha Murty is best known as the wife of Infosys founder Mr. Narayan Murty. BUT not many people know that she is herself M.tech in Computer Science, a padam Shree award recipient and a prolific writer. Her masterpieces includes nine novels, four technical books, a collection of short stories and some non-fiction books. Beside all these, she heads Infosys foundation, a charitable fund , meant to improve education, medical facillities and helping olds.
Non-fiction books are generally boring and is meant for some vigorous reader, but this book WISE AND OTHERWISE is a book of its own kind. Here the author has provoked us to think about every issues in India, which we all know, discuss (and our discussion ends with all blames going to government). Personally, i feel experience is our best teacher and it seems Mrs. Murty has written all his teacher's lesson in a very interesting way.
Its so pathetic to read about a man whose son leaves him in OLD AGE home and that shameless moron comes back at the time of his father's death to collect bank balance left by him. Much to author's surprise, his father nominated him for his bank balance(in west, olds generally give their saving to trusts). It is a devastating example of Indian affection. Other time, she talks about so called STOVE BURSTS, a common excuse for dowry deaths. I particularly like a incident mentioned by her when she goes to meet a tribal leader who even in this era considers GORI WALI RANI or queen Elizabeth as our ruler. The tribals dont use money for their trade and still go on with system of exchange. When the author shows him paper money and explains that using this he can buy piece of land, firewood, saree, the leader replied him promptly " for this piece of paper, people kill each other, our ancestors have lived without this. We are the children of God, we live happily without the piece of paper. This is God's land and he has gifted us for our use. How come we "sell" and "buy" lands?" His words leave the author amazed that eventhough she knows everything ,from little atom to the policy of Clinton,doesn't have a little idea of basic phillosphy of life and humanity,and this tribal man,who is actually illiterate,is aware of much deeper and etrenal truth ....
She advocates every measure to kill these mamothic hurdles retarding growth of india.She promotes girl's education with a emphasis on some professional skills. She says to watch every situation with a window of positive energy and to derive maximum from it. She underlines the meaning of honesty, success, and our rich heritage of tradition which are integral part of success.
Please read the book whenever you ever get a chance.
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