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मौका तो दीजिये!

रिमझिम फुहारों का भी अपना मजा है,
एक दफा छाता घर भूल के तो आइये,
गलियों में खोने का भी अपना मजा है, एक दफा रास्ता तो भूल के देखिये ,
गुनगुनाने का भी अपना मजा है, एक दफा गाना याद तो कीजिये,
मुस्कुराने का भी अपना मजा है, ज़रा लबों को मौका तो दीजिये!

Yes! One more Raksha Bandhan

On the eve of rakshabandhan, i had opportunity to go through this article: . Then, i thought yes, we Indian are bad, always ogling on girls, always ready to brand next door girl characterless when she failed to appreciate your moves toward her. Then i thought, i have never heard of festival celebrating special relationship of brother and sister, though i have heard versions of Holi, Diwali, which are celebrated in other part of world. So, what is wrong. Are we just serious about our sisters, and rest all girls do not have brothers. And these foreigners do not have any right to make a statement like, "Do I tell them about bargaining at the bazaar for beautiful saris costing a few dollars a piece, and not mention the men who stood watching us, who would push by us, clawing at our breasts and groins?"

Because these foreign girls are always ready to sleep with anyone. Have not you seen English movies?
This country, India, which was bold…

Happy Independence day!

I wrote somewhere Happy Independence Day, people asked why Happy! Well, i have no answer so as to why independence day is happy. I am of the same generation as of the people  who asked why happy, so i wont say the filmy dialogue,"tumne abhi gulami ka dard nahi dekha hai, aazadi tumhe virasat me mili hai." Very well! I too, have not felt the pain and bound of foreign rule, so it will be lame to say that rhetorical answer. And may be the questioner wanted to underline the currant scenario where we are being ruled by politicians who are convicted of scams worth some lakhs crore rupees, or raping some innocent girl, or murdering an honest officer. May be the questioner is perturbed to see politicians who are majority crorepatis, do not even reflect before saying that 12 Rs is enough for a meal and then shamelessly defending. Or it may be the case that it is indeed sorry to see not a single MP of any political party do not even questioning the bill that increases the salary of M…

I end up loving more!

Heart escaped a beat,
Tears rolled down, Hands too weak, To wipe them.
Lips dried, Water Water it cries, Legs refuse, To stand up.
Its still dark outside, it was occasional opening, Of eyes, But now sleep, Is miles away.
Birds chirping nearby, Used to be soothing, Now restlessness, Irritating birds.
Days wont be same, Neither will be night, How hard i try, I end up loving more.

Good Days!

Every traffic signal has something interesting. Once a tempo walked over my foot, and the other time a tempo  just ahead of me collided with bus in a race after signal turned green. You can see small children selling flowers, which reminds you of people for whom you would have bought those flowers, then there are vendors selling soap bubble guns, for which i had fought with my brother, as his worked fine and mine failed to produce any. Then you see, people who are carrying jhola with vegetables and i remembered how i used to run to my father once he knocked on the door. He had a distinctive way of knocking, and we used to spill everything in the jhola looking for something free with daily used commodities. They used to give something free then, like i remember having a pencil box free with Milo. Then i saw a couple with 5 year old child on a bike. Signal turned green and his bike stopped as soon as he accelerated. With cars honking behind, he was embarrassed, and desperately trying t…