Happy Independence day!

I wrote somewhere Happy Independence Day, people asked why Happy! Well, i have no answer so as to why independence day is happy. I am of the same generation as of the people  who asked why happy, so i wont say the filmy dialogue,"tumne abhi gulami ka dard nahi dekha hai, aazadi tumhe virasat me mili hai." Very well! I too, have not felt the pain and bound of foreign rule, so it will be lame to say that rhetorical answer. And may be the questioner wanted to underline the currant scenario where we are being ruled by politicians who are convicted of scams worth some lakhs crore rupees, or raping some innocent girl, or murdering an honest officer. May be the questioner is perturbed to see politicians who are majority crorepatis, do not even reflect before saying that 12 Rs is enough for a meal and then shamelessly defending. Or it may be the case that it is indeed sorry to see not a single MP of any political party do not even questioning the bill that increases the salary of MPs but the working hours of parliament is decreasing every year. Because they choose to disrupt the parliament rather than having serious talk on important bills that are going to shape the nation. While thinking to answer why this independence day should be happy, i pondered hard on present India because i do not want to take leverage of the great freedom struggle to convince people that this day is indeed happy. I wanted to think some good reason based on our present to say yes, it is happy, and it will be so. But while thinking, i kept on going deeper and deeper in all negative thoughts that would make us feel unhappy. So much of population, so much of poverty, so much of unemployment, lack of civil sense, so much of traffic, rising graph of crimes! Damn!

In despair, i intended not to answer him and be ignorant about the happiness quotient of the day in the same manner as we are ignorant about our local MLA, MPs. I logged on to facebook and the first post from my news feed was about one of my friends in Singapore who with some Indians there, was posing with tricolour. And, i found why we should be happy about independence day. Because we get to hold tricolour instead of Union jack. And if someone fails to appreciate this, there is no point in convincing. I remember, one of the first paintings, that we used to make in our childhood, was used to be tricolour. Orange, green sketch pens were first to dry in the new sketch pen set. Relish it. Cursing something is very easy.

Happy Independence day!

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