Good Days!

Every traffic signal has something interesting. Once a tempo walked over my foot, and the other time a tempo  just ahead of me collided with bus in a race after signal turned green. You can see small children selling flowers, which reminds you of people for whom you would have bought those flowers, then there are vendors selling soap bubble guns, for which i had fought with my brother, as his worked fine and mine failed to produce any. Then you see, people who are carrying jhola with vegetables and i remembered how i used to run to my father once he knocked on the door. He had a distinctive way of knocking, and we used to spill everything in the jhola looking for something free with daily used commodities. They used to give something free then, like i remember having a pencil box free with Milo. Then i saw a couple with 5 year old child on a bike. Signal turned green and his bike stopped as soon as he accelerated. With cars honking behind, he was embarrassed, and desperately trying to start bike. My bus raced past him but it just took me to days when the scooter of papa was like most interesting thing to me. I used to stand in front asking papa to press horn every now and then, those bajaj scooters had hard horn buttons which were not easy to be pressed. While in my village, when we were expecting papa to come, any passing by scooter's sound was enough to make us run from home to road. And without any sense of exhaustion, i used to run like 15 - 20 times, until maa failed to convince me that papa was coming. And it always happened that he used to come when i stopped running. Then it used to be a short drive to near by canal on scooter which used to give me happiness that i would not get even if i were to ride space shuttle. We have this scooter even now, and its just more than scooter, its memories of good days when i do not have to think good or bad, rich or poor. Good days!
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