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There can always be a bad time,
How bad is up to me,
Little things that cant buy dime,
Are the most difficult for me.

You are amidst a desert,
With nothing, but sand is sight,
You are gonna die, You have plight,
You are ready as you accept death with desert.

On another note, you are slave,
You work hard, for your master
Who threatens to leave, In the desert,
You die everyday.

The shackles that catch you, Are too strong, Tears cant melt them, Nor can your prayers.

Dear God, how i wish, there would be a heaven and hell afterlife, For you believe in instant justice, You made heaven and hell in this world

Hang in there!!

My last post invited good response from the readers. I think many people connected with the theme. So, a friend of mine pinged me on gtalk and told me that i wrote well and i should keep on writing. I asked him where he is working. He told me that he was still searching for a job. I am still to start a job hunt but being a dual degree student has given me insight that road ahead is clearly not a cake walk. And even though if i get one, there is absolutely no reason that i will end up liking that. I know a senior of mine who quit MNC to join a political startup and when i talk to him now, he gets all the smile, energy that he forgot during his MNC days. I am not advising anything, i am just saying that stories, that we read in books about some dude in far off land who quit his cushioned life to follow his dreams, happens around us too.

Another friend of mine had certainly not a very pleasurable home condition. But he was focused and he  landed up in one of original 6 IITs in one of c…


While i was waiting for a train to catch which got late by couple of hours, i met this guy Rahul. So, it started with my college tshirt which flaunted BITS. In general mass, BITS is not as popular as IITs, still its quite popular among engineering students. So, this guy stares for about 10 minutes and then comes up and strikes a conversation. Conversation started with the usual pick up line.

Rahul: Hi! You are from BITS!!
Me: Yep!! 
Rahul: Some of my friends study there. You guys have beautiful campus.
Me: We do. Thanks. I am Harsh.
Rahul: I am Rahul. I passed out this year from NIT Calicut. I work these days.
Me: That's nice. We have this internship for one year. I am doing that right now. After this placements.
Rahul: Yeah, I heard this internship helps you guys in PPO. That's very good.
Me: Yeah! thats one advantage. So, you work here in Pune.
Rahul: Yeah! I work in pune. Nice city. Though i dont like here very much.
Me: I dont hate it, but definitely dont love it. Perhaps…

Keeping tab on friends!

So, Yesterday i called up many friends. Pika was in some dance night. First he did not pick up and then called back saying,"darling missing you people. PP se pucha dance night hai. chalega? to wo hug diya!!" (By the way this guy has become kewl dood at IIT-B and now he hugs every girl he meets, and claiming its very social to do that. And BITS lack this culture.)
Then i called Midas. He was on some other call and did not bother to reply back. No hard feelings. I will console myself that i honored brocode for he must be busy with some real important calls from his recent friends that he has made while commuting in Delhi Metro. 

I called Suri. He too did not pick up at first. But he called back soon. I did not ask him reasons for not picking up at the first time. Since he stays at his home, reason was pretty obvious. His phone is at silent all the time. Since WhatsApp notification barely stops. Parents can go mad at that. So, We talked. We talked about Pika's expecated fun i…