Hang in there!!

My last post invited good response from the readers. I think many people connected with the theme. So, a friend of mine pinged me on gtalk and told me that i wrote well and i should keep on writing. I asked him where he is working. He told me that he was still searching for a job. I am still to start a job hunt but being a dual degree student has given me insight that road ahead is clearly not a cake walk. And even though if i get one, there is absolutely no reason that i will end up liking that. I know a senior of mine who quit MNC to join a political startup and when i talk to him now, he gets all the smile, energy that he forgot during his MNC days. I am not advising anything, i am just saying that stories, that we read in books about some dude in far off land who quit his cushioned life to follow his dreams, happens around us too.

Another friend of mine had certainly not a very pleasurable home condition. But he was focused and he  landed up in one of original 6 IITs in one of core branches. He somehow, did not like engineering very much and he got swayed into UPSC preparations. He was under the assumption that this IIT name will sufficient to get him a job. Unfortunately that does not happened and he had no job offer after his college. We talked quite a long duration during those days. He was worried about his siblings, his parents and about every damn thing that should not affect him. There was a time when he started questioning his deeds in college life and feeling guilt about not studying. Three months after he finished his college, he got a job. He is happy. He does not talk about those things now. He is back to topics of girls. ;) 

What would happen to me, is still in future. But such experience of people around me gives courage and asks just to hang in there, everything will be all right.

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