Keeping tab on friends!

So, Yesterday i called up many friends. Pika was in some dance night. First he did not pick up and then called back saying,"darling missing you people. PP se pucha dance night hai. chalega? to wo hug diya!!" (By the way this guy has become kewl dood at IIT-B and now he hugs every girl he meets, and claiming its very social to do that. And BITS lack this culture.)

Then i called Midas. He was on some other call and did not bother to reply back. No hard feelings. I will console myself that i honored brocode for he must be busy with some real important calls from his recent friends that he has made while commuting in Delhi Metro. 

I called Suri. He too did not pick up at first. But he called back soon. I did not ask him reasons for not picking up at the first time. Since he stays at his home, reason was pretty obvious. His phone is at silent all the time. Since WhatsApp notification barely stops. Parents can go mad at that. So, We talked. We talked about Pika's expecated fun in coming days. But you know, you do not want your friend to top when you are last in class.

I called Pato. This guy did not pick up. Later he claimed that he was sleeping. That too at 9 pm. That too when next day is holiday. Well, if i were to believe grapevine, Pato tops every weekend. 

Feynman called two days back. He is now working on correlating spirituality with physics. He believes that there is indeed a connection in these two. His research title is," A novel correlation to prove the existence of God through concepts of quantum physics." He is doing some experiments at Sangam in Allahabad under one padam shri  awarded physicist and shri shri 108 chillam ji maharaj. 

I meet Koonj regularly. He has impressed CS people with his art of deduction and now he is tech lead there. Normally CS people dont make interns tech lead, so Koonj has been promoted to Senior Intern with increment in stipend by 500 INR. Koonj dedicate his success to friendly environment at his home and office.

for PP...mah lyf..mah rulezz.

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