While i was waiting for a train to catch which got late by couple of hours, i met this guy Rahul. So, it started with my college tshirt which flaunted BITS. In general mass, BITS is not as popular as IITs, still its quite popular among engineering students. So, this guy stares for about 10 minutes and then comes up and strikes a conversation. Conversation started with the usual pick up line.

Rahul: Hi! You are from BITS!!

Me: Yep!! 

Rahul: Some of my friends study there. You guys have beautiful campus.

Me: We do. Thanks. I am Harsh.

Rahul: I am Rahul. I passed out this year from NIT Calicut. I work these days.

Me: That's nice. We have this internship for one year. I am doing that right now. After this placements.

Rahul: Yeah, I heard this internship helps you guys in PPO. That's very good.

Me: Yeah! thats one advantage. So, you work here in Pune.

Rahul: Yeah! I work in pune. Nice city. Though i dont like here very much.

Me: I dont hate it, but definitely dont love it. Perhaps because we came here right after college. Thats why!

Rahul: Kind of. But thats not the problem i guess. This feeling is of mysterious nature.

At this point of time, i got interested. Because some where this mysterious feeling has been bugging me for quite some time and to some friends too.

Me: What sort of mysterious feeling are you talking about?

Rahul: Like the feeling that you may have been feeling in your spare time. Like the feeling that you are not doing enough. Like you are not doing anything. Like you are wasting yourself. I dont know.....something like that...

He bloated that in one breath. I was beginning to enjoy the discussion.

Me: What else?

Rahul: You feel that too. Dont you?

Me: I guess, I do. But tell me more.

Rahul: Its the thing when you question what you have been doing all the 5 days and why the hell you are enjoying on weekends. Like you question, why the hell you are wasting your precious days, doing nothing.

Me: I thought this is because i am all alone all the days. Thats why i end up questioning everything.

Rahul: Come on! Being alone is just another dimension. Don't you feel a sudden urge of doing something and after sometimes, you feel like ohh crap! How the hell this is gonna help me and why are you wasting your time over it. And after sometimes, you end up doing nothing.

Me: So, what do you want to say?

Rahul: I dont know. Perhaps happens with everyone at our age. We think, are we born to write codes everyday and that too which is not gonna impact the world any how. And we are just doing the redundant thing which million others too everyday.

Me: So, you mean, is this urge to do something complex? 

Rahul: May be....In fact, i start every few days, to do something different. To step towards i dunno where. But it ends in 5 hours, if not than in 5 days.

Me: Right! why does not this thing came early?

Rahul: Perhaps because, we knew the path. That this is the way. Mission sort of thing. Mission: Get marks in class X. After results, Mission accomplished. Mission: Get good engineering college. After admission to good engineering college, Mission accomplished. Mission: Finish 4 years of college. After four years: Mission accomplished. But after that? What next. If your parents/ siblings/ friends are good enough, they tell you your next mission, or you may also make your new mission bu emulating someone. If not, you are open now. No direction. you wanna go in some direction, but which one? You start on a path, get bored, you stop. You are mission less. And there comes the mysterious feeling.  

Me: It does make some sense. But you have job. Why this feeling then?

Rahul: I do have a job. Pays well. But what i am doing, is it significant. It may be significant for company, but someow..i dont know...

There was announcement for train, and we had to part. 

Me: i wish we could talk more..

Rahul: Write my email id.

I approached to scheduled platform, pondering on the conversation. Applying his conditions and definitions on me. Nothing to conclude, no results.  That guy wanted to be heard. Was he explaining himself? 

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