Saturday, August 28, 2010

Idiot, by choice

Yesterday, i was attending an event supposed to discuss a book, "The Kite Runner." Among the very few audience present, there was a guy, Anand, who came to me and asked for 10 minutes of time at podium. He informed me that he had made a proper research on Afghanistan regarding its history, misfortunes Afghanis are facing and world's view regarding it. I advised him to ask the compare for permission.

5 minutes later, he got permission. At first he apologized for his broken English and then seek permission to speak in Hindi. He started with the map of Afghanistan, and explained why the country is always drawn in war. He then explained tactics involved by Russia to promote its vested interest there. He continued with his speech until he was intervened to stop due to lack of time. Later at night,i went to his room and listened to what he couldn't say there.

Till now, so common. Now i want to draw your attention regarding some facts in connection to this event. Anand has below average CGPA. When, i went to his room, from any angle, it was not resembling to room of any ordinary guy. There were books everywhere, and yes there was no Chetan Bhagat,Dan Brown. There were highly influential books regarding culture, Politics, spiritual issues, yoga and history. On what he did in review ceremony, he should have drawn handsome number of critics but i personally owe respect for his courage, as he dared to speak in Hindi in front of teachers, students without bothering a little what they will think of him. He told me the history of Israel-Palestine war and where it is going to. What will be the USA's end in Afghanistan, the concept of greater Israel. When we were talking in his room, he told me some of the foreign policies of India, USA, Pakistan, Russia with proper justification. When i googled of what he told me, after a hectic surfing of 5-10 websites, i found the same thing. By this what i mean is that what he told me was not a common stuff. He said he used to refer to many nonfiction books, consulted DU professors for this knowledge.

What he is doing here??? He goes to class, tries his best to understand the torque, pointers, strain etc, and fails everyday. He feels humiliated due to his below average CGPA, due to non fulfillment of his parent's dream to be a good engineer, due to his poor understanding of concepts. Tell me, the person who remember giant history of world , can't he remember some simple theorems. The person who argues on the foreign policies of USA, which was never told to him, can't argue on simple electric circuit on which 10000 books are written. The answer to all these question is that he can. But his interest is not in electric circuit but the map of world, not in the mechanics of solids but in the history of India. Isn't he is wasting his time?? Isn't it good that rather being a ordinary guy of engineering, he should be a bright scholar of Political Sciences?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jadu Teri Nazar

Last few days were amazing. Our college has Council of Student Affairs whose members are chosen democratically (Other then popular factors which affect elections, in general like regionalism, we have one more hostel-ism).One of my friend contested for the post of General Secretary of the Council of Students Affair(CSA). All these days, i got to know many things, like how to convince others, how to keep your patience, and so on. Leave this, i would like to share some light moments. Probably these moments will be with me through out my life and will make me smile anywhere, anytime.

First, i will tell you about my friend who is contesting for election, he is super cool, lite but sincere. He doesn't take unwanted tension and there are many things in him which makes me jealous of him like he never waste food, he never imposes himself and the list continues. He is known for his numerous 10 minute sleep, one day he told me," harsh, call Pazi and Yash. I am coming back in 10 minutes." After, 30 minutes or so, when he didn't come back, i went in search of him and he was found sleeping in one room. Our college has a tradition of debate in auditorium popularly known as audi debate where anyone can ask the candidates question regarding their credentials, ground work regarding agenda. So, before audi debate, we all friends were compiling data regarding agenda. One of our friend Chintan Zalani had talked to music teacher regarding his fee and time. It was 3 hours before debate and Jadu( my contestant)was feeling sleepy. We were not able to reach chintan by any means, then Jadu says "arre, lite lo, i will tell there that we are in talk with Mr. Zalani and he has given his approval". Another day we were campaigning in one hostel of juniors, in answer to one question, Jadu replied," Probably, it will be done for sure." For late learners, note the word "Probably" and "sure". Jadu has planned for bus which will carry our campus people to nearby places, when asked about ground work regarding bus service," i have talked to two bus-travelers and they are ready to start the service." Jadu knows a girl(Her name is Mita), and words in air is that, she likes him and even she asked him last year for prom. I don't know much about it but during election time, Jadu and i were discussing election matters, he said," In AH-1, manas bhaiya se baat ho gayi hai, AH-2 to apna hi hai, Ladkiyon me to ek hi center point hai, mita." After this, we all started teasing him, "center point to ek hi hai, mita." But a secret information only for you guys, Jadu was proposed by 22 girls after audi debate.

However, "probably for sure" we lost the elections but nonetheless we enjoyed the days of excitement, fun, tension and more importantly it drew us more closer.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wrong Number

In vacation, like everyone, i was also busy with Facebook. But misfortunes followed me there also. There is a separate section on facebook home page called "people you may know", many of my friends have sent friend requests to girls of our campus, and many of them accepted too, so facebook was suggesting them to me as friend. Yesterday,one of my friends Raavan said in very depressive manner,"ladkiyan facebook pe to acche se chat karti thi, yahan pehchane se bhi inkaar kar rahi hai."

There is a girl, we call her hooke's law, facebook was suggesting her as my friend. I dont want to add anyone who dont know me. (of course, we guys know every girl) So, first day, as USUAL, i took a look on her profile and logged off. Second day, again she was suggested as friend, it took my mental power equivalent to attending morning 8 class for stopping myself from adding her as friend. Third day, again her name was there, i thought,"ok..enough is enough." And i sent her invitation. Next day only, she accepted it

Some days later, she was online, though my heart was willing to chat but i controlled myself thinking "sab moh maya hai." After two minute or so, she said,"hiiiii". I was on cloud 9 and i replied "hello."
Here is the part of conversation:

me: how is vacation goin?

hooke's :pretty f9 but slightly boring.. whole day u stay at home, i miss nescafe and ice n spice.

me: yeah, true..i feel d same

(i was enjoying my vacation to the fullest, two times a day cricket, bike, old friends, what can be better than that? And juice walla in my neighborhood is better than ice n spice, economical and tasty.. but supporting a girl is more important ;)

me:what is ur cg?

hooke's: i screwed my compre.. mere 8.5

( Oh my God, screwed compre and then 8.5, i wish i were like her screwing T1, T2, Compre. In slapped myself for such a stupid question, after all jinke ghar sishe k hote hai, wo dusro pe pathar nai feka karte. Guys, i have below average CG)

hooke's: urs??

me:hey, who is coming for waves this time?

(change the idea :)

hooke's: you remember, last waves??

me:How can i forget!! That was our first waves.. I was busy in DORA serving GMC girls. (GMC stands for Goa Medical College)

hooke's:when did you work for DORA??? I thought u were with me the whole time...

( Then, i understood the meaning of 5 "i" in her hiiiii.. She misunderstood me for someone else. Then, i thought to continue the play but something stopped me from doing so. )

me: i am not the one, you are looking for.

hooke's: hey, you are not Harsh from AH3????

me: no, it was my pleasure to talk with you.

She logged off and never talked with me again. Now after vacation, she never makes eye contact with me. Anyways, whatever be the reason, i think, she recognizes me now..

To IIT....

A poor boy, does hard labour, studies in lantern without a fan at 40 °C , without any qualified teacher around the loud noise of machines and gets into top engineering college of India...looks so filmy, unreal. But there is a place, where such guys live, fighting with all diversities called Patwa toli, in gaya, bihar. I have high respect for them, because they demand nothing from government and silently they go on to make their life. They have made adversities their stair to success.

more about them from some media report...

The pattern of success

A weavers' village in Bihar has
100 graduates from IITs and RECs

By Kanhaiah Bhelari/Patwa Toli

Kajal Se Kala Cheej Kalank Hai
Suraj Se Chamkila Cheej IIT Hai
(Ignominy is blacker than black
IIT is brighter than the sun)

This rather odd-sounding couplet is pasted on the walls of many
houses of Patwa Toli village in Gaya district of Bihar. The village
literally takes it to heart. In the last 10 years, 25 students from
the nondescript hamlet have got into various Indian Institutes of
Technology (IITs) and 75 have entered Regional Engineering Colleges,
now known as National Institutes of Technology.

Courage to dream: The students of Patwa Toli have fought against
several odds to realise their ambition

There is an envious saying in nearby villages: "Boys of Patwa Toli
are born to become engineers." It is slowly becoming a rural proverb.

Patwa Toli has around 300 families of weavers and the clatter of
power-looms is heard throughout the day. How can students unravel
tough equations in this noise? "We are focused," said a student. "The
sound of the looms goes above our head." Like the mythical warrior
Arjuna, the quintessential student sees only his targetÑan
engineering degree.

The weavers have been shuttling from crisis to crisis since the early
decades of the 20th century. "We realised that if our children do not
get good education and good jobs, the community would be heading for
real trouble," said Umesh Prasad Patwa, a weaver.

Bitter experience taught them that they could get little from
jostling for common government jobs. "It is very difficult to get
such jobs without obliging those in power," said Patwa. He said he
lost the post of a lecturer because he could not pay Rs 50,000 as

Motivator: Vijay Kumar, an IIT graduate, conducts a training class

Jitendra Kumar, son of Thakur Prasad, was the one who wove
the 'engineering dream' in the village. He wrote the 1991 entrance
examination and got admission at Banaras Hindu University, whose
Institute of Technology is one of the eight IITs. When he came back
to the village, he urged the villagers to motivate their children to
become engineers.

Kumar is now working at PricewaterhouseCoopers-Global, a software
consultancy in New Jersey, USA. While studying for his engineering
degree, he used to assemble young students of the village near the
Durgasthan (abode of the goddess) to teach them learning skills and
the way to write exams. He proved to be a big inspiration. In 1997,
13 boys got into IITs and 53 entered various Regional Engineering

Before he left for the United States in 1997, Kumar set up several
study centres at the village to train aspirant engineers. It has
almost become mandatory for those who have got into the IITs to guide
those who are aspiring to get inÑa kind of village ethos. Said an IIT
graduate: "I spend at least two hours a day to help young men prepare
for the entrance examinations."

Most of the families are poor. But parents have never allowed poverty
to dampen the academic pursuits of their children. This is a village
which is passionate about education; almost obsessed with it.
Children of many weavers are now holding important posts in
government agencies like the Defence Research and Development
Organisation and top-notch software companies like Wipro and Infosys.
Some have landed jobs in the US.

A case in point is Krishna Prasad, Munna Prasad's father, who earns
Rs 3,000 a month. But he asked Munna not to worry about the family's
financial problems, as the boy had one flaming idea in his
mindÑgetting into an engineering college. To buy costly books, he
gave tuitions for school children in the morning, earning Rs 750 a
month. At night, he studied for six hours.

Lust is the main enemy of concentration. So we get our boys married
before they appear for examinations, said Umesh Prasad Patwa.

His hard work yielded results. Last year, he got admission in the
Roorkee College of Engineering, an IIT now. Ghimri Lal, an illiterate
life insurance agent, sent his son Tej Narain Prasad to school to
learn English so that he could help in preparing insurance
papers. "My son appeared for the IIT entrance test and got the 259th
rank," said Lal, beaming with pride. "He is now in IIT Kanpur." Vijay
Kumar, now a student at IIT Kharagpur, remembered studying in
candlelight with seven other boys. Infosys has offered him a job.

The IIT graduates set up an association, Nav Prayas, in 1999 to
motivate the youth of the village. It organises debates and seminars,
and conducts talent search examinations to identify students with

The candidates selected are divided into groups and given training.
Villagers have chipped in by offering rooms in their houses to
conduct study centres.

Some students go to a coaching centre in Gaya for proficiency in

Interestingly, most of the village youth studying for engineering
entrance are married. "Lust is the main enemy of concentration," said
Patwa. "So we get our boys married before they appear for
examinations." The villagers say early marriage takes care of the
vagaries of the libido.

The villagers have been encouraging only sons to pursue their academic
dreams. However, now they are also thinking of motivating the girls
to follow the same path.

Patwa Toli stands in sharp contrast to the dismal state of education
in therest of Bihar, which has the highest number of school dropouts
(58 per cent atthe primary level and up to 80 per cent at the high
school level).

It is different in other respects, too. The other villages are
plagued bycrime, liquor and Naxalism. Patwa Toli is crime-free, and
there are very fewdrunks loitering around. There are no gangs or
goons. The pursuit of knowledge has virtually brought light to the

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I am going to tell you the story of two of my friends Anshu and Akash. After class 10, due to the lack of good teachers in my hometown, students go to some other place to study; usually kota or Delhi or Bokaro. We three also went. I and Anshu did our coaching at FIITJEE Bokaro, Akash went to Delhi and joined Narayna. They both were unsuccessful in their first attempt and they decided to give an another shot. Anshu went to Bansal, kota and Akash clinged to FIITJEE. This year they both CRACKED IIT-JEE.(i haven't yet figured out yet why JEE is cracked and other exams are passed, i guess it is something like Trains are late and Flights are delayed :) Anshu with AIR 8219 and Akash with 8533. After counselling, i came to know that Akash has been alloted Civil at BHU whereas Anshu got nothing. Then i was informed that Akash is from OBC category and Anshu is General.

Well ok. In this summer vacation, i taught Physics and Maths to 3 guys [no gals :( ]. One of them was particularly sharp minded, sincere and hard working but lack of good teachers and competition obstructed his progress. I asked Vishal (his name) why he hadn't gone for coaching. He replied if i went for coaching, i won't be able to pay for my college. He was from General category. I know he will end up getting rank in lakhs in AIEEE, leave JEE.

Think critically for two minutes. Do Akash desrve RESERVATION??? He and Anshu are in same in all respect, they both did there coaching, same amount of labour, same economic status, then why?? One thing more, i know Akash from class 7 but i didn't know that he is from OBC. Thanks to government, i now know that. Government taught me he is OBC, and they divide us. Feel the agony of Anshu, now if he does suicide, people will say him coward, they will blame his parents for not making him brave. Nobody will care for government. Thats ok. Politicians will not scrap off reservation. Think about Vishal, he is the guy who needs reservation, because he hasn't equal opportunity for preparation as paise wale do have. Yes, scrap off resevation, just give all people equal opportunity to prepare. its not the case that poors dont have mind, God never discriminate on caste. I dont think any guy which really need reservation gets its advantage. Government schools are not in status to provide such teachers, then just open a special school for the preparation of JEE, where the guys which are supposed to get RESERVATION study. Give them best teacher possible, then see the result of JEE, i dont think there will be need of any reservation. If this is also not possible, give reservation on economic status, so that every poor can have their chance. It would also hurt general people but not that much when we see our friend equal to us in every respect just because he is OBC. We can then relieve our heart that i sacrificed something for society. Once there was time when being SC, ST, OBC mean that they are poor but that period is over. Now a days, handsome numbers of people in upper caste(so called) are also poors. Gandhi jee devised a word HARIJAN to make all caste uniform, now politicians are fighting for caste based census. They are again using DIVIDE and RULE policy, i dont know when people would understand and perhaps then it would be too late.....,....