>=90 means "you are good."

Our generation is accused as movie-addicted but i can add one more addiction to us which according to me has most lasting effect on our life, lifestyle and society also. Any clue? this moron is EXAMINATION.Even though we are worst at all in this. Take any regular student, he has 3 terminal examination, 6 monthly tests.Assuming he has 7 subjects and we give 3 hours to each terminal exam and 1 hour each to monthly tests, the total count of hour goes to 105 hours equivalent to 52 movie of 2 hour each. we all are 'programmed' to excel in exams. we learn from parents, seniors many ways to celebrate our success, our good moments but never any way to cherish our failure.I think learning to loose is more important than celebrating the success. The day on which we learn this simple stuff, we will not witness any suicide or depression. We never see examination as method to improve upon ourselves (which i think was real aim behind the whole examination stuff), instead a race to score more and more marks. I give you an example, suppose any student gets 99 in maths and 45 in science and if you ask the parent they will certainly talk you worrying about 45 instead of enjoying 99. yes, worrying about 45 is good but not to the extent that child couldn't take pride of his 99. Again our society is such that everything runs on exam. Elders judge children by the marks he get.Even people select their life partner on the marks they get, this is the most funny thing i find in my society.i dont know you are searching a life partner or a teacher for your child. Next time you go to examination hall, remember this quote of Albert Einstein....Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

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