I used to get amazed when someone says, "I am passionate about so and so thing." Looked silly to me. Then, I used to perceive these passionate people have excuse of their passion for not to live the way they have been expected.

 I have one such passionate guy. He considers himself to be artist of very high order and at times he gets  cynical of other fellow "artist". He has very keen sense of artist. It is evident when he claims that most beautiful photos of people ( pick the gender ) go unnoticed and UNLIKED. You can see download folder  in his laptop where he has assorted pictures which i guess, is his art collection. So, last semester, he showed his energy and devotion when he started attending all classes nd was going good until he decided to film a short movie on the education initiative run and managed by BITSians cherishing dream of Education For All. Though once deep buried secret of reason why he joined the education movement is no longer unknown to anyone who knows him. Another piece of interesting stuff is that the girl who was source of inspiration to my friend for this noble cause bade this movement good bye, on the same day my dear friend joined. None the less, BIO CDCs gave ample time to his sharp brain which works discreetly, to realize that teaching mess workers at night can help him with another piece of rasmalai at lunch. 

He wont mind if i make more fun of him. But i intended to write about his short video. Later he found genuine concern for those unprivileged people. I remember a day while people were troubled, restless and remembered God in wake of coming exam, he was taking rounds of medical center to get medcial check up for a cripple boy aged 7 whose parents are one of those people whom we don't value much in our campus. So, my friend managed to get appointment from Goa Medical College with a letter of recommendation of a visiting doctor at our medical center. 

Ok, back to his movie. Once he decided to make that movie. All classes were forgotten. He filmed around 500 clips, spent weeks editing and deciding theme, talked and demanded guidance and idea whomsoever he met. For about a month, i found him with his camera all around the campus day and night. This all business of his, for me, was utter waste. He wasted his semester and finally managed Es and Ds. 

I did not bother to see his movie.

Some days back, i saw. It is not awesome, it is not magical, it is not extra ordinary. But if you try, you can see passion. I realized passion. It can do wonders. There is something in that video that is not definable, not explainable, and makes you understand the feeling with which it had been imbibed.    .
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