And you will be celebrated.

Days are miserable. It will be, It should be. 

How we love? We love when we are loved. 

We learn to love when we are shown ,

how it feels to be loved, to be special. 

You can be superman,

 when you are just another common man. 

Because there are  people,

who will see great powers in you 

which you can not see. May be there is no power within you. 

But then these people have faith and trust, 

which will give you power to achieve the heights. 

i have been shown this love. 

Now when you are not around, 

i have lost my power. 

Miserable; it feels, without you. 

love me for some more days and then just go. 

Go. Go. I want to live. 

Don't fascinate me with your infinite beauty.

 I feel alone without you. 

Because i want my friends to be like you 

which obviously they can not be. 

Do not remember me, when you go. 

i will be happy. You be too.

And you will be celebrated.

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