Economics of Relationship ;)

Long back, one friend of mine taught me a very important rule. Like Socrates, he said,"Every able and girl seeking boy should have a special pocket in his wallet. The money of that pocket should be used only and only when the girl of his choice demands something and never for any other purpose." Well i call that fund, girl-fund. In my case, i deposited Rs. 100 note with serial number 56R 209587. Now, that money looks like antique piece and worth more than its face value. (Any one interested in collecting old currencies, feel free to contact me.) Termite has badly attacked on it and you can see, it has yet to prove its usefulness. Once my bike was short on petrol and i had to drag it to way down my home but i didn't use the emergency fund.

But this is not the situation with all. Some fortunate evolved species on this planet have girl friends. So, you are thinking that they are the happiest organisms on earth. Unfortunately, no. Lets see this with an example.
Poor and Rich, both are the extremes of our society. Rich and poor have their problems out of phase by 180 degrees.(Sorry, kabhi to lagna chahiye ki main engineering kar raha hun, well out of phase 180 degrees means drastically opposite.) Like rich complain of sleeplessness, and poor gets sound sleep after backbreaking day. Rich go to so called philanthropic organisation seminar to find truth of life and if poor give his time for the same, he will die before the harsh truth of life.

Similarly people with girl friend have their own problem. Their bank balance have one place less than the non-girl friend people. Bhaiyas manning the ATMs with their Chinese handsets playing 90s songs are the close acquaintance of girl friend wale log. I know a girl who never has her dinner in mess. Shahi Darbar(our college restaurant with one gravy for every cuisines. And in hurry, they can serve you paneer butter masala as chicken 65. Actually, shahi people name the dish with the whatever first name comes in their mind.)

Some data(based on the survey on my friends):

Monthly Expenditure:*

1. Long Distance: Rs.500-600
    Expanses goes on mobile recharges(of both party).

2. On Campus Placement:
    There are two extremes. One who go out on dinner everyday and other one who is content with Nescafe only. Their expenditure amounts to Rs. 900-5000.

(*There are some people who are after the sales girls in food eateries. For ex: Slim Shady)

 I hope, with these sort of information, boys should be clear on their bank account before they take a step forward and girls,"can you show some mercy?"


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