Never Say Die

With reference to my earlier posts on Midas Laws of Commitment and Practical Physics , I have some new news. Its a mixture of good and bad news. So, which one should i write first, good or bad?? We are in habit of copying celebrities, their hair style, dresses, shoes, ear rings etc etc. So, to decide, which news i should write first, i decided to copy Padma Lakshmi. She first announced the good news that she is pregnant and then because of privacy issues, she refused to name the baby's father. Let's hope she becomes certain of it before the baby's birth.

So, good news is that Midas has got expertise in psychology and sociology. As, in the last post i mentioned that he expected his crush to feel the need of some luv-suv to fend off her loneliness as her friends are getting hooked up. His forecast turned true, so its a good news that now we can get Midas's expertise for other girls. Now, the bad news is  that the guy is not Midas.

Midas is a changed man.(Anyone will be after two consecutive set backs.) Two nights back, i was talking to him regarding how he was feeling and if he had thought of any new target. Instead of usual answer like," koi nai, teesri mil jayegi and chalta hai". Midas replied in a very calm and serene voice," These two relationships have taught me that you have to wait for the right person."

I wondered if there was any relationship. You can't term gazing , saying 'excuse me' in mess, a relationship.

me: you are talking like a looser.

Midas(continuing in his calm voice): There is nothing like win and lose. It is about meeting people with same frequency.

Next day to our discussion, our college's Technical fest, Quark, started. Here people love dancing. Play Munni and Shiela, and you see herds of guys and girls flocking around. There was a food court, where one of the stalls was playing songs and in half an hour around 100 people started dancing there. We 10 people too were dancing and suddenly an outstation participant asked if she could join us. We were more than welcome for her. After our party was over, Midas came with face full of excitement. Then he informed us how he struck a conversation with that girl. She was from Punjab and blah blah. And she was here to participate in BITS-MUN.(Model United Nation)

Next day, Midas was seen in his black shirt, denim jeans standing outside Lecture Theatre.(venue of BITS MUN).
(This is sort of uniform for him. He wears it whenever he visits place where there is a chance to impress upon girls. You see, important occasions.)

Interestingly, his laptop password is ,"Never Say Die."

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