Four Laws Of Commitment

Yesterday, one of my friends knocked quite enthusiastically on my door. That sort of knocking normally results from either presence of any girl in our hostel vicinity(which is otherwise marked by the dull looking security guard with a unidirectional gaze) or during occasional power cuts at night. I opened the door and Midas break in with his full vigour.

Midas: Sangeeta got a boyfriend.

me: Who is she?

Midas: are meri wali ki dost.

me: ohh...that's great. But i don't think that guy is you. So why are you so happy?

Midas(with so much energy in sound): Oh come on.....see i got a theory. Her another close friend Deeksha is already committed. Now she will feel lonely and left out at times. And i see a chance here for myself.

me: Best of luck.

Next day, we both were sitting at mongi(our cake shop) sipping coffee and observing people coming and going. We started discussing signs if one boy and girl walking together are committed or not. Here is the conclusion of our Ph.D thesis:

1. While walking, both are in close proximity of each other with rhythmic hand touch and occasional brushing of shoulders.

2. Their voice is too low to be heard by passing people. Yes, of course they can hear each other.(And passing people are so interested to know their conversation.)

3. They are unaware of the surrounding as if other people don't exist. By this i feel they promote Lord Mahavir's motto of,"jiyo aur jine do".(live and let live.)

4. Their face wears a very sarcastic smile.(as if look, i am there, where you dream to be.)

After our thesis was about to complete, Sangeeta appeared with her acclaimed boyfriend. So, this was onion opportunity(why always golden? Onion too is picking up and i nurture youngsters.)
Applying each of the above points to Sangeeta and her so called boyfriend.

They were about 1 foot apart from each other. So, It failed.

I can make out their conversation.
Sangeeta said,"your cousin is writing 12th board na!! Tell him to mug all those crap unit cell formulas."

She waved 'hi' to her class mates sitting beside us. This point also went unvalidated.

Her smile was cute, nothing was wrong with her smile.

So, after all this, I asked Midas about his last night's claim. He said,"Don't you pick the emotion flowing between them?" Often people use heavy words  like emotion, feelings and for a second you are gripped in emotion and think,"aah..right". Next moment, I saw them passing workshop report and by any means, i couldn't find any emotion in those reports on emotionless iron and wooden workpieces. I gave an amazed look to Midas.

Midas exclaimed,"i have to be positive."

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