I am coming after attending a wonderful conference organised by  Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) called grass root. I thank Amrit( and his enthusiastic community for their hard work and commitment. I have seen Amrit working like hell for it and people should feel indebted to him for this wonderful conference. Well, most of the speakers were pretty simple, with no frills, and interactive style of communication. I personally don't like TRW style of presentations, because essentially i can't connect with the speaker, amongst other factors. (TRW is one of our courses which teaches us how to give presentations, speeches.) Have a look at the speakers at (Three of six speakers were bald, i suspect the reason that they are more open to ideas than ours.)

Some lines i still remember of the speakers are:

  • "I got research papers from professors, i am sorry professors but they were absolutely bullshit."
  • "Our education system is such that they kill our creativity through out school and college and when we are out of college, and say i want to be a entrepreneur. They ought to be creative.."
  • "We have more malnourished children than all sahara african together."
I have absolutely no clue why i remember these lines. These are neither Shakespeare's couplet nor Mark Twain's quote but the most challenging problems of Bharat. I reserve the use of word "India" for instances, when i describe our country's growing number of billionaires, which are greater then most developed countries like Japan. Indeed its unfortunate and painful, considering 36% of fellow countrymen are Below Poverty Line and one-third of world's malnourished children are in India. India is happy land of technocrats (majority of them do back offices job), getting a handsome salary and then again spending on branding themselves i.e. by wearing lewis, visiting domino's, so again sending back good proportion of money to its source(western countries).

And we are clinging to schemes like NREGA, and policies like RESERVATION for this disease, which is pretty much similar to applying iodex to your head when you have tumour inside. I mean, these measures can only decorate the problem so that world can't see the ugly picture, the problem remain same as it is. Some 2 years ago, there was much buzz around reservation in private sector jobs for the backward castes and then i read an article in Outlook. I tried searching for it on net but couldn't find any original e-article published in any newspaper or magazine. (One which i find best is The story is that one of our esteemed ministers asked Mr. Narayan Murty for his opinion on reservation in private sector companies. Mr. Murty excused himself and told that he needed 6 months to have an opinion. Then he selected 60 guys(from SC, ST and OBCs) who were unable to find jobs for them after completing their college. Mr. Murty called for the best professors and after 6 months all of the 60 guys were recruited by reputed companies at very good packages, by this he gave his opinion to government. By giving reservation, we are crippling the able generation of people who refuse to work hard and develop themselves because the standards are low for them. This is exactly what other government's development plans are doing. They are doling out billions of dollars relieving poor for some time, to give our corrupt machinary yet another chance for a scam rather than starting a skill building programme on the same larger scale, which i feel was a good and permanent remedy.
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