Say Sorry

New year...New resolutions...New hope...New thoughts...New energy...Isn't this?

We think of all good that we will do in the coming year. After 15 days, energy exhausts, thought vanishes, hope diminishes and resolution breaks. This happens every year but does it stop us from making new year resolutions. doesn't. One year, i resolved to say sorry in case of misunderstanding with anyone, but 3 years since then, I haven't succeeded yet.

Saying 'sorry' is the toughest thing, i suppose. Because it costs one's ego, questions self esteem and makes one low in the eyes of people who can't understand it's meaning. I have a friend, very dear to me. We have been friends since we were in class 4. Then we were room mates when we went for our engineering entrances. We share some of the beautiful chapters of our life. That was the first time, we were out of our family. So, we acted as each other's support. I didn't know how to use electric iron on clothes, he used to do that for me. We were in same school, same fiitjee batch, so followers of same girls. So we did many lovely things together like some time making dinner or washing clothes. But there were times, when we had misunderstandings between us. Some times fault was mine, some times his, and most of the times none. During the misunderstanding days, we didn't talk to each other. Neither i nor he was for this cold war but neither of us could stop that. Only reason behind this: Inability to say sorry. I had no courage to say sorry, i was afraid that even if i accept mistake(no matter who's mistake is.), if he refuses to talk with me, it will insult me. May be, he thought the same way. Anyways, this termite wasted our most precious time and didn't allow us to add some more beautiful chapters to our life. Our human nature is such that we realise importance of anything when we are on verge of loosing it. And  most of the times we realise when it's impossible to get it back.

Am i wrong?

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