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My Mother: Hello....

Me: Hello..

Mother: How are you?

Me: Nothing......test morrow........studying..

Mother: you people have an exam every second day...(and suddenly remembering suicide cases due to exam pressure)..beta..aaram se paper dena...exam hi hai...

I don't have much idea about evaluation process in other universities, but in BITS, we follow continuousevaluation process which is collection of specially designed tasks over a period of time to test knowledge, understanding and skills attained by pupils. But to me, it is the check of patience, frustration and ability to hog through the night.

But i am not gonna talk about its advantages and disadvantages,but rather an interesting story of one of my exams.

Time: 5:00 PM
15 hours before my Mechanics of Solids paper(affectionately it is called as MOS)

Place: Road near Children's park.

I am happily chatting with a girl(whom unfortunately i liked). Considering my little knowledge in this subject, and already mountain full of …

Game Over: Press Enter to Restart :D

"you are not the kind of guy, I always dreamt of", girl said and looked at the bright neon light displaying Coca Cola in familiar Loki font.

And Slim Shady thought," sab film ka asar hai... isko lagta hai ki background me violin bajega, hawa chalegi... bullshit."

Slim Shady: Its ok. I dont have any problem. Everyone has one's own choice.

Girl: I don't really mean to hurt youbut you know.....know...i can't give my 100% to this relationship.
Slim Shady: What else can i say!!!

Girl: You are a nice guy. You can get a better girl.

Slim Shady (to himself): "koi nahi mila, tab to tere paas aaya" (to girl): hmm.......but you will never find a boy like me.

Girl: tere jaisa chahiye bhi to nahi. I dont want a guy like you otherwise why should i "reject".......err....i mean leave you.

Slim Shady has now lost all his hope and in despair started spilling over all emotional dialogue, he remembered so far.

Slim Shady: One day you will climb all the…

Why Jeson Likes Pink???

To all those who don't know, there are two halls in BITS-Goa, which serve food to 2000 people. The dishes which they prepare are not found in any other part of the world or may be what they serve is the distorted version of cuisines relished by others. Those two areas are popularly known as A-mess and C-mess. At the start of every month, every student is allowed to select either of the two messes depending on convenience. Now, that convenience includes proximity to girl's hostel, for some demons; proximity to library, and at last the quality of food. But this post is not about the food there but a sacred, pious love story of Jeson and A-mess staffs.

Perhaps, their love started much earlier but now jalim jamana knows about this. And as always jalim jamana is against their love. Here's is the conversation of two commoners.

Rusty: Bhaijaan!!! You heard about Jeson..

Bhaijaan: hmm....campus is buzzing with his tales.. Perhaps the trauma of two year "girl deprived" t…

Why Midas is still single? :P

Scene 1:
One fine afternoon, when sun was at its greatest anger and half of the people in my hostel were still asleep after an early morning movie show* or Counter Strike session, without any lust for attendance/quiz marks. Some one banged on my door.

Midas: Harsh...Harsh..

Me: coming.....

Midas: Naina too gone. I found her with that spike haired guy.

Me: What's new with this? Everytime it happens with you. By the way, who told you to go to class. If you had missed the class, you would have missed that heart breakng scene too.
Midas: Arey no...I went for the new teaching assistant. 4th year...i guess.

Me: hmm....

Midas: We should do something, otherwise our college life will pass without girl.

Me: If you are so much after a girl, you should have better opted for History or some literature major.

Midas: Ok..i made the mistake.. See..we tried everything.. We talked in the way girls like, acted as they     expect us to.. but nothing seems to work for us. So i have a better …

Kings of Territories

We make the world we live in and shape our own environment. Above words by Orison Swett Marden, find great significance in our daily affairs. An another version of the same idea can be stated. Every one of us creates our own territory where we are the king. Now, for a king to rule, there should be some people to be ruled. Since we, the king,  make our own territory, we select our own people to live there. These people are those exclusive people whom we confide and believe that these person will be always there for us, no matter what the situation is. Great....OK!!!

Now, the miseries of life start with our own territory which was essentially designed with sole intention of comfort. Expectation; root of many problems. Keeping someone in our territory doesn't guarantee our presence in their territory, and here lies our weakness to accept this truth. It frustrates when our 100% commitment doesn't give the output we expect. But we cant control everything, we are not so important to…

History, glory and gems

You go through traumatic days; and you wonder why the things go as they are going. You loose one precious gem and in desperational calls to fill that vacuum; suddenly you realise, you have created another gem. Then you see the jealousy and you wonder is it worth that. Days of confusion wrap you in unprecedented era of thoughts and you begin questioning yourself.

You question yourself and fight with your own history and existence. Your history stops you from marching ahead because that is not a glorious one. But suddenly rises the Titan in you and orders you to write your own glory. Of course, some people inherit it but then some one was reason for their pomp. Your Titan says cowards are part of history and brave creates it. Rather strange, but true.

And the things you lose, for the reason that you haven't had pompous history; they will be compensated with honour and esteem. Sometimes, the path in front of you is hazy and you are left with dilemma of decision. May be that path lea…