Saturday, April 30, 2011

LCC 420

TELEBRANDS - Hi friends, Pehle me bahut dukhi rehta tha !! Hmesha hatash rehta tha !! Mujhse padhai nhi ho pati thi. 1 assignment complete karne me mahino lag jate the. Hostel walo ke tane sun ke ro diya krta tha. Fir maine is naye club ke bare me suna - !!!!!!....LCC*....!!!!! Ye wakai lajawab hai, Ab main puri technical book library me complete kar leta hun. Duniya bhar ke taane aur galiyan apni girl friend se hans ke sun leta hu. Kitni bhi tough assignment aaye us se padh leta hun.

*LCC-- Ladki Chahiye Club

After this short promotion by one of the successful members of LCC, there is a story which will inspire everyone
of you.

1 year back:

Place: Corridor, Second Floor, Hostel AH5

"He can't do anything."

"Getting a girl is difficult; he can't get one."

"Guys, see the boy to girl ratio here, then we are from AH5, and at last he is sad Aarush."

"I will!!! Screw you, guys.. You will see one day..." came a confident yet meek voice of Aarush.

"Ok..I bet in front of all, if Aarush gets a girl during our college; i will run one round of central lawn naked." This was Veer, fond of betting on every second argument.

Aarush was feeling very low after all this and in order to keep his words, he went to people who had girlfriends.
Those great souls were touched by Aarush's gesture.

One of them commented," yaar, tune to meri struggle ke dino ki yaad dila di."

After this, those great people consulted amongst themselves and in greater interest of mankind and in particular,
for Aarush, floated a club Ladki Chahiye Club. Even then, it was not anticipated, that so many people will come for inductions. However, after 3 rounds of questionnaire, GD and interview, 5 most depressed souls were selected. This was decided on the sole intention that one who is most depressed needs greatest help of all.

After this, they floated a course, following is the handout:

                       Ladki Chahiye Club

                                   Instruction Division

                                       First Semester

Course Title: Get In Real Life
(short forms are too popular here. DISCO, MOS, EG.. This course is GIRL)

Course No: LCC420

Student in Charge: Aarush

Team of Students: Slim Shady, Midas, Feynman, Pikachu, Jadu

1. Scope and Objective of the course:
The objective of this course is to expose the student to a broad knowledge of experimenatal and theoratical methods to get a girl and train the students in the skill of operation and maintainence to keep the girl happy and going.

2. Utilities:

a. gtalk
b. Mobile phone(with a message pack)
c. deordant (preferably AXE)
d. Strong DC++ (acts as a grapevine)
e. A minimum balance of Rs. 1000 in bank account in addition to your expenditure.
f. Facebook account.

3. Course Plan:

a. Initiation- How to start conversation? Frequency of "Hi". When to wave hand and when to smile? (Lecture Number: 1-5)

b. Maintain the "hi" (Lecture Number: 6-7)

c. How to get the girl's phone number and gtalk id? (Lecture number:8-12) (Includes a lab)

d. How to talk and message using mass media device(mobile phone)? (Lecture no: 13-18) (Includes two labs)

e. gtalk communication with special emphasis on status messages. (Lecture no: 19-21) (Includes a lab)

f. Maintaining the relationship during hard times(e.g. T1, T2, compre). (Lecture no: 22-25)

g. How to indicate that you like her with special emphasis on body gestures? (Lecture no: 26-30)

h. Proposing-selecting accurate time, perfect place and right gift. (Lecture no 30-40)

4. Evaluation Scheme:

a. Test 1: 20% (during Winter vacation)

Problem: Identify and talk to girl of your choice and get her phone number as well as her gtalk id.

b. Test 2: 20% (during Summer Vacation)

Problem: Prepare a report on the girl's likes, dislikes, friends, and her history using social networking sites as well as using your communication skills.

c. Surprise Test: 5%

Problem: You will get a girl's call at the very unexpected moment and the girl is in very bad mood.

d. Assignment: 5%

Problem: Submit a girl's gtalk id every month. (NC for those who submit fake ids)

e. Lab components: 20%

Instructors will first perform the experiment themselves with the help of their girlfriends.

f. Comprehensive Examinaton: 30% (during waves)

Problem: Propose a girl of your choice.

1. Make-up Policy: Make Up for any component will be given only in genuine cases. In all cases prior intimation must be given to IC.

2. Chamber Consultation hour: To be announced in class by instructors

3. Notices: Notice, if any, concerning the course will be displayed on the DC/Ladki Chahiye Club Notice Board.


Students who have completed this course with at least "C" will be eligible to register for the following electives:
a. PROM112
b. MONGI229

So, Aarush was the course topper and he was recently spotted with a girl in Shopping Centre and in Library where she was teaching him ES C242 ;)

Now, we all are waiting for Veer's public display of.......................................

Saturday, April 16, 2011


popped up in my chat box. Adrenaline flowed and heartbeat doubled with the sight of the name on chat box. Things were not the way they should be and this "hi" was threatening because you had no clue what was it for. May be a new start or may be the last nail on already withered, inexpressive and non responsive relation. There was a mixed feeling- pleasure that yes i was going to talk, excitement because the envelope was still closed and whatever was inside was still unknown, fear of losing(i don't know why because i dont have anything).

Many things deceive. Their importance is hidden. Trifle things to us can have immense value to someone else. And this was how this chat box was important for me. This was not just a medium of two way communication but an expression, a mouthpiece to say whatever we couldn't have said otherwise. Perhaps even more for this girl.

me: Hi

me: How are you?

Diya: fine, u say?

me: good.

Now a lull for a minute was killing because i didn't know what to talk. I didn't want to write for i might sound foolish. And most importantly, i didn't know why she pinged. Its not easy to break the ice after 4 months of bitter cold. A little warmth of love and affection was necessary to melt that ice which defy all the scientific reasoning. I wonder why should i? Why should i bear the pain of holding fire in my hand which was also not sufficient to melt the ice? Why should i suffer when i could have all the pleasure of the world open for me? But perhaps the life is not science, where we need explanation and logic for every thing. Somethings should be left unexplained, without being reasoned because it eclipses the beauty. Rose is beautiful, appreciate it, why should we bother why it is red.

me: How are studies?

Diya: pathetic. You study a lot.

me: just one day, i went to library and its buzzing all around the campus. People make sarcastic remarks. :|

Diya: hmm. I am tired of fighting.

me: That was not a fight. It was just a mutual understanding. Anyways it doesn't make a difference.

Diya: Loving you is difficult, and i am not that sort of person, who keeps loving people.

me: Why you always hide yourself inside a hard shell? Why not express yourself as you are? Why you prefer a double life and pretend what you are not.

I am timid and was timid too when i was chatting. But the last line was frustration, anger of the reasons unspecified, perhaps reason was Mumbai Indians lost their IPL match. I didn't know the reason but there was something, instigating me to act which i will not prefer normally. This girl was important, and showing anger is not going to change anything. Neither she is going to love me nor i was going to hate her. But anger is always important, show it otherwise it will burst.

Diya: I don't know what to comment. But does your double life statement mean that i love you and i am afraid to tell.

me: No...definitely not. But why can't you see things simple. Can't you say simply apple, why you prefer Malus domestica?

Diya: Because its me. I can't change.

me: Love me or not, that's your choice. But at least show up your emotion.

"Harsh, Harsh..SPM me test hai, jaldi chal sale", a rough manly voice was calling. And i woke up. This was a dream. I can't believe. Normally, if we lose dream in the middle, we have either of two wishes-" great dream..i want to see more of it" or " God save me. I am glad that it is over." But i had no emotion. Still undecided over what i should wish.

By this time, all type of reasons were coming to make me awake.

By the way, how do you think this chat could have ended???

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Couplets From Kabir, Rahim and Amir Khusro

पोथी पढ़ पढ़ जग मुआ, पंडित भयो ना कोय,
ढाई आखर प्रेम के, जो पढ़े सो पंडित होए.

Meaning: Written by kabir, perhaps the most used couplet in day to day life. It says that no one has ever attained greatness by just reading books. One who knows the meaning of love and forbearence is really great.

गुरु गोविन्द दोउ खरे, काके लागू पाये,
बलिहारी गुरु आपने, गोविन्द दियो मिलाये.

Meaning: Written by kabir, this couplet examines the importance of teacher in our life. It states that if God and teacher, both are present before us, whiom should we choose. We should choose teacher, because it is he who made us understand the meaning of God.

बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा ना मिलिया कोए,
जो मन खोजा आपणा, मुझसे बुरा ना कोए.

Meaning: Again creation of Kabir. It underlines the importance of introspection. It says that one goes on finding evil in everyone but i couldn't find it anywhere. When one introspects oneself, there is no one more bad than me.

रहिमन धागा प्रेम को, मत तोरो चटकाव,
टूटे से फिर ना मिले, मिले गाँठ पर जाये.

Meaning: Rahim says the thread of love is very sacred one and care should be taken that it doesn't break. Because its very hard to join it again, and even if it joins somehow, there is a knot which makes it abrupt.

रहिमन विपदाहू भली जो, थोरे दिन होए,
हित अनहित या जगत में, जानि परत सब कोय.

Meaning: Rahim says, trouble which comes for a small duration is very good for us. Because it gives us a chance to identify those who really love you and those who fake it.

खुसरू दरिया  प्रेम  का, उल्टी वा की धार,
जो उतरा सो डूब गया, जो डूबा सो पार.

Meaning: O khusro, the sea of love runs in strange and unknown directions. One who jumps into it, drowns and the one who drowns ultimately gets across.

(P.S. Motivational one :P)

खुसरु बाज़ी प्रेम कि, मैं खेलूं पी के संग
जीत गयी तो पिया मोरे, हारी पी के संग.

Meaning: Khusro plays game of love with his beloved. If he wins, beloved is his and if he looses, he belong s to his beloved.

                     खीर पकाई जतन से, चरखा दिया चलाय,
                     आया कुत्ता खा गया, तू बैठी ढोल बजाय.

This couplet has an interesting context. Once while Amir Khusro was going somewhere, he stopped by a well. Women standing there instantly recognised him and asked to make a couplet containing the words,"khir" , "charkha", "kutta", "dhol". And then only he could drink water. Legend is that, khusro came up with above couplet within a moment.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wings Of Change

***********This article was published in leading Pakistan's daily,"The Express Tribune"*******

NEW DELHI: The electricity keeps cutting out, the Internet connection is crackly and the speakers don’t always work, but Santosh Kumar knows that 20 pupils far away in eastern India are relying on him.
Once a week, Kumar uses the Skype computer programme to teach maths to children in Chamanpura, a poor village in the struggling state of Bihar, 600 miles (970 kilometres) from his two-storey house in the suburbs of New Delhi.

The free Internet service allows the class to see, via a projector, Kumar’s tutorial which includes an animated tale about a greedy priest and a wily countryman to teach the students about numbers and the concept of infinity.“The first time I did this, they were really excited by the technology, now they don’t care,” Kumar said. “It’s normal to them.”

Kumar, a successful 34-year-old engineer, grew up in Chamanpura village before battling his way to a place at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and on to a well-paid job in the Indian capital.
“It’s an uphill task to bring education to villages,” he said, recalling his teenage years when he would cycle eight miles to college in a nearby town.

Kumar’s cousin Chandrakant Singh, also now a well-paid engineer, decided during a trip back to the village to set up a school for children aged between 6 and 12.“I wanted to provide a world-class education to students in the remotest place on Earth,” said Singh, who remembers studying at night under the dim light of a kerosene lamp.

Unfazed by the fact that Chamanpura has no mains electricity, or by the refusal of experienced teachers to travel to Bihar, Singh approached his friends for donations to fund the Chaitanya Gurukul boarding school.
He installed two power generators and organised training for 16 local teachers before hitting on the idea of using Skype to connect students with professionals across India.

“The world’s greatest teachers don’t want to go there, so I thought maybe we could use technology to help our students learn faster,” he said.The school opened its doors in April 2010, offering admission to 500 students, 50 of whom pay nothing, with the rest charged according to their parents’ ability to afford fees.
The Skype lessons take place in the evenings after the day’s regular classes and at weekends.
Kumar was on board from the beginning, adamant that he could help the students and give them more “clarity” on what they learnt in class.

“Some of them were curious, others got intimidated, I had to work with them to rid them of their fear,” he said, pointing out many of them had never seen a computer before.“Now it’s like television for them, it entertains them and hopefully they learn something,” he said during another power outage. “The technical problems happen often. It’s extremely frustrating but we carry on.”

During his maths lesson, some students appeared engrossed by the video, while others chattered inaudibly in the back rows. But they snapped to attention during the question session, with everyone answering correctly.
“It’s a very different way of teaching, it helps me remember what I learn better than if I just read it,” Anmol Kumar Jaiswal, 11, told AFP via the two-way Skype link.

Pragya Parashar, a 12-year-old girl sitting behind Jaiswal nodded in agreement. “I like these lessons, it helps me understand things better,” she said shyly. “I also want to become an engineer like my teacher.

**********Here's the original link:***************

P.S. If you visit this link, please notice the spelling of DELHI. :P

Friday, April 8, 2011

Little things called Av.

Among many lines of interest like Poverty Line, Greenwich Mean Line, Sir Creek Line; there is one more line which has a psychological impact on the entire student community belonging to the colleges where relative grading is followed. Between the two different states of joy and sorrow, interesting and isolated behaviour, there is a fine line of Average lovingly referred to as Av.

Just after a paper gets over, instead of what was asked before,"paper kaisa gaya? " or self confidence boosting comments like,"paper was tough and kitna lengthy tha?" , now the question on every mouth is "Av kitna jayega?" Many a times, it reminds me of recent advertisements floated during the World Cup to exploit the cricket fever among Indians. As a parallel of that," Ek hi to sawal hai, mongi pe discuss karata hai. Dinner pe bird-watching bhi nahi karne deta. Sare chehro par ek hi sawal; Arey Av kya jayega ?"

As soon as the teacher enters the room for paper distribution, suddenly the guessing game (on Av) reaches an all time high, with an occasional feud and "chal lag gayi, 5-5 ki". Teachers go through the routine approach of rubbing the green boards, and then search for little pieces of chalk to write figures of exam(Av, highest, lowest). Some 10p's sitting on first bench help them in their effort. Then follows a triumphant sound (with desks playing the role of drums) in case average is low or otherwise a deep mourning sound coming from somewhere deep inside.

What is the difference between 24 and 27??

Just two marks. Doesn't make much difference.

And what if, average is 25.5??

Oh gosh!!! One who gets 27 is on cloud 9. In his mind, he is calculating little Av+'s of surprise tests, attendances and then then solace himself by lowering the boundary of "B". And in back of his mind,"aaj main upar, aasman niche. aaj main aage, jamana hai piche" is playing.

Now look at the 24's guy. Poor chap. Av-1..huh.. "Anyway i have to maintain C, I can't go to D" with "jag soona soona lage," in background. He goes back to his room and curses all those damn moments when he wasted time with friends. He will calculate his GPA and then again moments of despair haunt him like ghosts did to Ebenezer Scrooge.

aap tension mat lo, 24 wala 2 din me thik ho jayega :D

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DC \m/

Special Thanks To ......................................*:

(*name withheld on request)y

DC++ is an important part of every BITSian life. When test/exam make people wander all night like Zombie snatching reports, class notes, there is one permanent place to chill out.

Yesterday was no exception, CAS assignment was killing our beautiful sunday morning. Everone of us has no clue to question itself, leave alone solution. The horrible MATLAB screen was making making fun of our restlessness by cracking beautiful jokes on FFT and DFT by giving errors which was not identified by google too.

Amongst all these catastrophe, when nothing seemed to help and the only solution to the problem was to end our lives, there was this guy who remembered his love and came to DC which relieved his mind and one more talented engineer was saved from trauma.

Enjoy his chat:

[01:06] Boy> Hey!!!!!
[01:06] Boy> :)
[01:06] Boy> kya haal hai
[01:07] Girl> :|
[01:07] Boy> madam
[01:07] Boy> boliye
[01:07] Boy> :X
[01:07] Girl> ye kaun hai
[01:07] Boy> raat bhar tp karti hain
[01:07] Boy> jara humse bhi baat kar liya kijiye
[01:07] Girl> :|
[01:07] Boy> hum bhi hai aapke diwane
[01:07] Girl> :O
[01:08] Girl> deewane ka naam bhi toh hoga
[01:08] Boy> file list kya chk kar rahi hain aap
[01:08] Girl> :sulk:
[01:08] Girl> aah
[01:08] Boy> deewana parwana hai
[01:08] Boy> door door se hi jalta hai aapko dekhke
[01:08] Girl> :S
[01:08] Boy> aah
[01:09] Boy> chaand ko kya maloom ......chahta hai use koi chakor
[01:09] Girl> hmm
[01:10] Girl> but whu is dis chakor
[01:10] Girl>
[01:10] Boy> hum toh tere aashik hain sadiyo poorane
[01:10] Boy> chahe tu maane yaa naa maane
[01:10] Boy>
[01:11] Girl> hmmm
[01:11] Boy> hmm
[01:11] Girl> hmmm
[01:11] Boy> hmm
[01:11] Boy> kucch boliye aap bhi meethi meethi baatein
[01:11] Boy>
[01:12] Girl> hhmmm
[01:12] Girl> hum kya bole
[01:12] Girl> hum ajnabeeyonse baat nahi karte
[01:12] Girl>
[01:12] Boy> karwate badalte hain saari raat hum.......aapki kasam
[01:12] Boy> kya ye ajnabee aapko jaana pehchana nahi lagta
[01:12] Boy> :|
[01:13] Boy> kya aapko kisi ajnabee ka intezaar nahi hai apni is tanha zindagi mein
[01:13] Boy> :)
[01:13] Girl> lol
[01:13] Girl> hume jana pehchana toh lagta hai ye ajnabee...
[01:13] Girl> but hum jise jaante hai woh itne romantic nahi hai
[01:13] Girl>
[01:14] Boy> haan hum wahi hain
[01:14] Boy> identity changed hai
[01:14] Boy> :|
[01:14] Boy> aur hostel bhoi
[01:14] Boy> bhi*
[01:14] Girl> lol
[01:14] Girl> hostel change
[01:14] Girl> ye kaise ?
[01:15] Boy> main shankar ka dost hoon
[01:15] Girl> ohhk...
[01:15] Boy> janmashtami mein aapke saath kaam kiya thha
[01:15] Boy> aapki awaaz suni
[01:15] Girl> hmm..
[01:15] Boy> tabhi se aap par fida ho gaya hoon
[01:15] Boy> tere honth kya hain gulabi kamal do pattiyaan pyaar ki ek ghazal hain
[01:15] Girl> lol
[01:16] Girl> humne toh bahut logon k saath kaam kiya tha
[01:16] Girl> aap kaun hai bataye
[01:16] Girl>
[01:16] Boy> bas ek deewana samajh lijiye
[01:16] Boy> aise hazaro milenge aapko
[01:17] Girl> hume unknown deewane acche nahi lagte
[01:18] Girl>
[01:18] Boy> deewane ka dil todna acchi baat nahi
[01:18] Girl> ab nahi acche lagte toh nahi acche lagte
[01:18] Girl>
[01:19] Boy> chaliye
[01:19] Boy> shubh ratri aapko
[01:19] Boy> lekin deewane ko bhooliyega mat
[01:19] Girl> sry
[01:19] Girl> hum toh bhul jayenge
[01:19] Girl> yaad rakhne k liye naam toh hai nahi
[01:19] Girl>
[01:20] Boy> lekin hum yaad dilate rahenge
[01:20] Boy> deewana aapke sapne dekhega
[01:20] Girl>
[01:20] Boy> samay mile toh hame ek baar yaad kar lijiyega---------(aapka unknown aashiq)
[01:20] Girl> >_<

I get one thing from the chat, DC is bigger than the assignments or exams or quizzes or my degree which is result of my four year torture :D

Thanks to DC++, which helps engineers like us.

DC \m/

Monday, April 4, 2011

How it All Started...part 2

Click here to read the first part of the story.

"Deep" comes the reply in not so attractive, yet meek and gentle voice.

Though the whole WAVES of mine went in trying different schemes to talk to HR girls, yet occasional interruption of Deep through hi-hello gave feel-good feeling. After WAVES, life was back to normal, the same classes, games, library and sleep with an addition of a new friend. I was slowely recovering from Test 1 debacle and was assimilating with new environment of freedom and newly gained responsibility. Everything was perfect as it should be.

It was the last exam of the semester.. My train was bound the next day. While I was checking in at the security gate after bading good bye to a friend of mine, a familier voice trapped my attention. I turned back and saw a cute little figure carrying bags of weight more than hers.

"Good Bye.....Happy Vacation..." was her final words.

"Same to you..." was only what i managed to say.

First semester ended and so ended my library torture.

Nothing happened in vacation and 20 days of mother's love passed in a flick of time. We were back in Goa.

Perhaps, God was merciful this time and i was greeted with a decent PR number. After registration, i messaged Deep asking her PR number. (PR number or Priority number is a randomly assigned number to make ones time table) She was surprised of message as we hadn't yet exchanged numbers. We had long chat that evening. Looked a perfect start of new semester.

Days passed by and so increased our friendship. Occasional stroll after library followed the increased frequency of gtalk chats. Again Test1 was setback but not a debacle. And moresoever, this time i had a friend always supporting and encouraging. She helped me whenever i felt low. Every failure of mine was first routed to her and there she was, with a bag full of inspirational stuff. A good luck message before exam, became customary. With time, every ping on gtalk grabbed my immediate attention as it can be hers. I waited for her to be online.

There ended the second semester...

Friday, April 1, 2011

How it All Started...part 1

On timeline: Year 2009, first semester.

Where: Chemistry class

My chemistry lecturer was on full roll. He was explaining weird psi with all care so that no one could find out that he too is as much clueless on the Lord Shiva's balistic weapon's look alike as we are. (psi looks like trident or trishul  of Lord Shiva.) All melancholy faces were glued to the green board. Among those some enthusiast were copying as if those combination of psi's had some fortune making formulae.


I started yawning and when it looked impossible to pass those 50 minutes, i opened my EG(Engineering Graphics) textbook and started reading that day's assignment. Suddenly a girl perched on the vacant seat next to me. Apparently we two had same EG section because she was holding an  EG textbook in her hand. After a while, those skew lines made no sense to me and to save redo, i asked the girl as much timidly as i could if she can explain me. 

And she happily obliged. A brief "thank you" gesture was shared before we parted at the end of the class. The next class, and again we found ourselves on the same chairs. This time physics and she asked me a question. Luckily and fortunately, i made it. It continued for one month. Later we read every subject other than chemistry in that class. That's how our friendship started, but still we didn't know each other's name.

After the trauma of Test 1 where my best performance was av-15, i was determined enough to do improve in test 2. I started visiting library. (I am too social to study in my own room ;) And there was she. In a week's  time, out of pity and sympathy, she started helping me in my studies. Still, we didn't know each other's name.

Then there was WAVES. And  one day, she asked my name.
"Harsh" was my reply and "yours?" was my question.

"My name is...................................." TO BE CONTINUED.

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