Long long ago


Yes, You.

You are not as important as you think you are. Nobody cares about you. Wait! What did you just say? You are saying that those people whom you call everyday; and spill your heart thinking that they are your people really care about you! Look around!!! Everybody is  laughing. Poor you. I guess you should come out of your fantasy. And the reasonable you, have buried in grave dug by irrational and sentimental arguments. Listen to him for some time. Come on, man. Give up your pretended face. Enjoy fresh air and freedom.

Whom are you cheating? No one but yourself.

Tell me when did you last see a mirror.

You don't remember. Right? Because you don't want to face the ugly truth. You are not the one. Believe it.

Long long ago you existed. Long long ago.

Now you are just remembered.
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