Stop Spitting

So I was traveling in a bus while my way back to home after work. My fellow traveler sitting at window seat suddenly spitted half chewed tobacco on the road. Though he took extreme caution not to shower anyone on road, but It feels bad to see roads defaced by his irresponsible act. Today morning, I was crossing the road when a passing auto driver gargled on the road splashing the dirty water all over road. I wish I had taken picture of this. Recently I was on my way to Goa. While I was waiting for  mostly punctual Goa Express, a tea vendor repeatedly spitted on the platform itself, to be precise near the poles supporting railway shed. There were children playing few meters from the place of his act.
I wonder if the people don't know the health concerns originating from their mindless spitting here and there. Plus the spitting exercise leaves onlookers with a disgusting feeling. 
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