Weird Ideas - I

I was walking to my home. The loudspeaker at the mosque crackled and the familiar voice of the muazzin called for the prayer. The long Arabic diction was in progress when the bell of the nearby temple rang. The sound of the bell was adding music to the ongoing muazzin's call. I love the diversity of my country. This was yet another day of my life. At that time of the day, I generally fight the existential crisis everyday. Like Edward Norton feels in his every second movie.

Well, Almost everyday. They told me things come to me easily. That's why I am not able to appreciate their value. Oh wait, what if things don't come to me easily? What if I have to fight for it? What if I get things come to me after several futile attempts? Will I feel existing with a purpose in the world? Good going Edward; Think more.

The day was Saturday, the day of Lord Hanuman. That explained the long queue at temple. People come to God when they have to ask for something, then they come back to thank. Sometimes people come for no reasons. I wonder what Lord Hanuman thinks of us. Does he appreciate our visit to him without purpose? It's tough being a God these days. So many people, So many wishes. I too had a wish. It was secret. I had not really talked to God about it. More because I thought It was not the correct time than being lazy. It would take time or so I thought. My wishes are not really simple. One of my friends had a checklist of the wishes. You know the things to do before I turn 25 types. Good that she had not posted it on Facebook, otherwise scoopwhoop guys would have come up with an article.

There is this romanticism related to village. Huge home, huge garden, huge veranda and a nice silence as a company. This is just romanticism. Living in a village never pays well. Can I live without the free flowing money? See, that's why I did not talk to the God. It would take time. I think the other people have better things to talk. I should not really waste God's time. There are people with real trouble waiting for God to act on.

(planning to write more ;)

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