height of despogiri-ii

Scene: shahi darbar (our college restaurant).
Someday back i saw Tom (to know about TOM,refer HEIGHT OF DESPOGIRI) dining with a girl. Usually Tom has a big laugh, with clapping hands at every second moment. He is careless and in other words 'POORA MAST'. But while dining with the girl, he was calm and acting like a mature and responsible fellow (like an insurance agent). He first ordered masala dosa and lastly changed it to noodles(he later informed that dosa is hard to eat with fork than noodles). While eating he took a little of it at a time and folded it in fork until he was assured that it won't fall during its flight to the mouth. And after each bite he used handkerchief to be sure that after so much effort, may be tomato ketchup marred his face. In between girl has moved from choupsey to butter scotch and tom was half way out.
So far so good. Unfortunately, i with our crazy friend faghav went for dinner. He is also a known tharki.

faghav(to me): arey, tom ki toh lottery lag gai.
me: oh no, aaj to hostel me poora pakayega.
faghav: chal, lets sit there.
me: no, dont steal the show.
faghav: no, i will sit there only, do u wanna come?
me: no.

Without any more words, he sat on the chair just beside the girl. Tom's face lost its charm just like sudden power cut in the marriage (so common in India). I sat with some other friends. Tom and girl were discussing about studies. Faghav thought of helping Tom (he is very good by heart always willing to help friends).

Tom: this sem i have attended all classes.
girl: really! good.
Tom: i have learnt a lesson from my last sem.

now faghav thought that its time for him to speak something.

faghav: oh yes. Tom is very attentive and punctual. You know, after classes he goes to library, he has tutorial notes of every instructor. Sometimes he even went to classes without brushing his teeth for morning 8 class. don't you, tom?

Tom was left gaping. NAA GHAR KA NAA GHAT KA. He didn't know what to say. It was the best compliment, he ever received.

girl:did you?
Tom: no, no. i never did that.
faghav: u liar, you only told me before Ratabole's morning lecture.

Tom pressed faghav's leg under the table to remind him that he took the wrong track.

faghav: Tom, that is my leg.
Tom: sorry, i have to go, i have to go to the meeting of my association.

And in this way, Tom's party was over and faghav continued with the aloo-paratha with the girl besides him.

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