height of despogiri

Well, now a cool, stupid story.

Venue: My thermodynamics class

 Lecturer bombing us with his boring lecture. I with my full concentration trying to get his point . My good friend sitting beside me ( Man, he is damn smart, intelligent and too sexy, I will call him Tom Cruise here onwards.. It is an attempt in vain to reduce my part of his anger after he reads this article), in attempt to dodge the sleep was looking here and there in order to pass the odd 50 minutes. Suddenly door opened, and a good looking (for reader: if you are from commerce college, she was average, if you are from arts college, she was the last one you wish to see), girl entered and sits beside my friend,. Suddenly Tom got attentive (for sure it was not the impact of teacher because he was continuing his same, laws of thermodynamics). Lecturer gave a question to class, question was easy , it was based on formulae he has just taught, so I made that.

Girl (to tom): err…. Have you done this problem? I was Late in class.
Tom: oh.. ya. Easy stuff. ,

(I don’t know how, the girl looked away and in the next moment, my notebook was the proud asset of tom, I didn’t say anything after all yaar , ye andar ka maamla hai)

Girl; can I see your notebook?
Tom: yes , why not?

(even he volunteered himself for explaining those concepts).

Tom (to me, 40 min to class end): I wanna talk to her, tell some way.
Me: listen to teacher, he is teaching an important topic.

15 minutes remaining to class and I see tom busy doing something, obviously it was not the lecture. Oh my god…. he was slowly dragging her calci (calci is pet name of calculator in engineering colleges) under his thick thermo book. Watching this, i wondered when he started this side business for pocket money. At once my eyes searched for my calci and finding it at its place I vowed to keep tom away from my room. 5 minutes to end of class, the calci was at its place i.e. under the book and I was ready to tell the girl about my friend’s deed. Class got end with a sudden hustle like all sleeping people are waked up by alarm clock after a very bad dream.

At once, Tom (with an expression of saviour, to girl, who was leaving) :excuse me! You forgot to collect your calci..

And I was left behind dumb stuck, on his excuse to talk a girl.
(tom is known to be the biggest despo of my hostel, I will write another one on his historic deed)

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