One of My Birthday...

Every time, i see someone's birthday being celebrated in hostel (ideal moment to settle the score with the birtday boy), i remember the most fantastic, touching, loving birthday of mine. Every adjective will look small for describing that birthday. I have done my 11th, 12th from bokaro, away from home, and from those who loved me most in this earth.

I reached there seven days before my birthday. Right from 11:30 pm on the eve of my birthday, i was very upset and was weeping in installments and that too secretly ( under the pillow, in bathroom). Secretly because i was sharing my room with 4 friends, (and it will be insult for a boy to cry). None of my friends wished me and i vowed not to tell them. Whenever you are under the action of stress hormones, you do such rubbish acts. My birthday was going silently, and this silence was killing me. I was missing my birthday party at home.

At evening one of my friend came running and said our other friends are in fight with some friends at a nearby park. We both went their running and i was surprised to see a beautiful decoration under the trees, on the side of pond. My friends had organised a party for me at such a delightful place.I cut the cake and danced on the music played on cell phone. Suddenly it rained to add colours to our party and to fill the difference between my tears and water.


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