Life at BITS

Yesterday, i was studying in library (those who have slang on their mouth for me after reading "library", please pull it back, i have below average CGPA), one of my dear senior came and sat in front of me. He was reading a fiction by Satyajeet Ray. He appreciated me for studying and gave some guru-gyan like be 10 pointer in first 4 semester and then there enjoy CDC (CDC stands for Compulsory Disciplinary Courses which generally comes in third and fourth year and these years are horrible with numerous labs and 40-45 hrs class per week). Listening that i started counting my Test1 and Test2 marks and then i understood the meaning of "LIGHT LE". He then told that he has enjoyed all his years of stay in BITS and revealed his future planning. His planning was that after finishing that book (only 10 pages were remaining), he would seriously start preparing for compre (compre stand for end semester exams). He promised that this will be the last book of this semester. He took out his wallet and cell phone and put that on table(ideal way to sit in library, i dont know if this is a way to impress girl).

ok ok, we now started doing our respective job.

still he has five page to read.

His phone rang. I listened to one way talk only.

senior: hallooooo

senior: what?

senior: when?

senior: i will be there.

Looking at his face(man, it was so grave), following thoughts came to my mind:-

1. May be he got 'E' grade in some subject.

2. His girl friend dumped him.

3. Some unfortunate thing happened at his home.

I know him from very beginning, so first possibility sounded humorous to me. Since this is BITS, no chance for second.So, i was prepare for consoling him and giving him support.

With sinking heart, i asked "kya hua? bhaiya"

senior: are kuch nai.. counter strike at
At once, i remembered all his future planning.
(i met him today, he was reading the last paragraph of that book)

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